Movement and sight in dreams

For those who wish to discuss the purely scientific aspects of sleep and dreams, including new research and future technologies.
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Movement and sight in dreams

Postby Quark_Master » 20 Jul 2016 23:08

I have been lucid dreaming and dreaming about events that happen for years, I don't expect anyone to believe that my dreams come true as seeing is believing and I have had experience with trying to convince people that it happens to me, I have only ever proven it to three people and I don't try anymore as it's not important, whats important to me is understanding the dreams and mastering them to help as many people as I can before I die.

When it comes to seeing in dreams we don't actually have eyes to see with, all these images are created using our mind, also movement is false as your in your own illusion thats being created from your own mind.

The reason I mention these two things is because I have been trying to set my focus on specific events a few days before they happen, I started wondering how I would pinpoint a certain event, then I realised there wasn't any actual maps or paths to use to get me to this moment in time, I'm trying to put together some kind of understanding of how to direct my mind to these events before they happen but it's proving very difficult, if there is no actual movement how do I get to the event in two days time? Also how am i actually seeing this event before it happens when it's only my mind looking at it and not my actual eyes?

I know it's possible because it happens a lot to me but it's so random, I want to be able to control the events I see as this would help me a lot in life and give me the chance to help others.

Sorry if thats confusing, but my head is in a pickle so any advice is welcomed.

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Re: Movement and sight in dreams

Postby Dane » 26 Jul 2016 10:00


i don't see how the illusion of seeing and moving relates to this, could i persuade you to explain further ?

although i don't actually believe in seeing the future, but rather the outcome of a calculation of possibilities.

to calculate a certain possibility, you must have some base knowledge of the event.
[ X=Y^2 ] you can never figure out what X is until you know what Y means.

maybe you can use these bases to request/interact at a more direct approach ?
my friend john dough :p is a rather adventurous man, he likes to travel and meet new people and whatnot.

what place/country will john visit this year, which is contrary to his preference ?

i have 0% experience with these occurances but thats what i would try.

Best of Luck, and keep me updated if i may ask.
the subject does intrigue me.

PS. i think its commendable that you wish to use your potential to help others ;)
I returned from the abyss, as a married man. :D

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