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Postby star64rogue » 21 Jul 2016 09:22

Hi, last night I was doing WBTB+MILD, then I encountered several dreams in which I suspected if I'm dreaming, I think it was around 5,6 dreams which I remember a scene or landscape from each, two of them were vivid enough to remember, and one was a FA. I wasn't myself in any, my hair colour and my body and once my voice was different. Btw in the FA I woke up on my bed in my parents' house, but I currently live in my aunt's. I got up, and I had this strange feeling like MSAA (a graphic filter which prevents sharp edges) is applied to my dream. I kept going and I got outta my room, I saw my father reading a newspaper, which is an ultra rare occasion. I also saw a white dragonkeeper mask on his face, as I looked more carefully (the dream is now more vivid) I saw that the mask is not following regular physics rules and it was passing my father's face like a holographic object. (old gamers know what I mean ;)) I said: "strange, let's do a RC" I pushed my fingers to the bookshelf, and saw nothing happen, then I tried to do it with the table, but my mother came in: "You're not dreaming, come help me..." (full loss of clarity here)

What's next? I'm already aware that I'm too close (also regarding to the last dream I shared) but I dunno what to do with this nonsense resistance.
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Postby ElContadino » 21 Jul 2016 20:22

so first things first, I might not have the perfect solution for you, however I can tell you about my personal experience. Whenever I feel inhibited of reaching a certain goal in a dream (as iit seems to be the case with you) and it is a recurring phenomenon, I found the solution in analyzing and interpreting the dreams/dreamsigns.
For example, some weeks ago, I was not able to get lucid, something just kept me away from being clear enough from distinguishing dreamworld from real world. A few nights later I found myself watching a Youtube Video in a dream, and suddenly being inside this video. I was completely confused and could not think a straight thought. The dream continued with me being inroduced to a group of bad people that I just knew were somehow evil. At the end of the dream I felt completely empty and dissatisfied with myself, and woke up in the early morning full of adrenaline.
While too much youtube consumption might not be the inhibitor, I would recommend analyzing your dreams, finding a recurring moive and interpreting it. The beauty of interpretation is that there is no right or wrong, therefore you give your subconsciousness room to utter itself.
Once you found the inhibitor, you probably can probably alrady tell where the problem lies.
However, that is of course just some fine tuning I like to do, in the end it is also a lot of practice and convincing yourself.
I hope I could explain everything clearly and you might be able to take some use out of it. If you have questions ask, and feel free to keep the community posted on you development.

Cheers :)

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