Help Needed

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Help Needed

Postby MegaVrund789 » 23 Jul 2016 20:22

My Lucid Dreams are alaways 3rd person. In my LD's i cant feel anything,taste,and there random,there's not much clarity, i can't control anything, and the biggest problem, there 3rd person! In every single lucid dream i have had, im lucid but i cant really do any thing about it, though my dream recalls are excelent.


1. lucid dreaming in 3rd person

2. when im lucid, i cant really do anything about it (please mind my grammar:)

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Help Needed

Postby star64rogue » 23 Jul 2016 22:48

Do you play TPS games too much? :|
The last time I almost went lucid, it became third person momentarily. Perhaps, try some MILD to induce first person dreams. Inside third person dreams, when lucid, try to ask your subconscious, or try to imagine being in a first person view, also some reality checks would help.
Sweet dreams ^_^
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Re: Help Needed

Postby ghost kid » 26 Jul 2016 02:45

Maybe you should try WILD combined with self-hypnosis while going into sleep.

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