Jon Stewart versus Fox News

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Jon Stewart versus Fox News

Postby jasmine2 » 24 Jul 2016 01:26

Following Donald Trump's acceptance speech as the Republican Party presidential nominee, the TV show - "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" featured as guest, comedian and astute political observer, Jon Stewart.

- See - YouTube - " Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert's Late Show Desk"
July 21, 2016

Video clips document Fox News reporters, and other conservatives, using emotional hyperbole, with little or no supporting verifiable evidence, to charge President Obama and other Democrats with character flaws, such as "narcissist, thin-skinned, inexperienced", etc.

Jon Stewart challenges Fox News (which is essentially the Republican Party News Network), and other Republican pundits, to perform a verbal gymnastic feat.
That is - for these individuals to now express their strong support for the Republican Party presidential nominee, Donald Trump, who is a brazen, thin-skinned narcissist, who has no experience regarding national government or international relations.

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Re: Jon Stewart versus Fox News

Postby Pilgrim » 24 Jul 2016 05:45

Of course Fox is Republican. MSNBC is Democrat. Compare different views to learn. :ugeek:

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Re: Jon Stewart versus Fox News

Postby HAGART » 13 Aug 2016 01:37

That's why I like CBC News, here.

I saw that episode with Jon Stewart. He nailed it!
It was nice to see he can still rock behind a desk again, but will go back to his cabin in the woods after that to attend to his beard.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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