Police Assasination

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Police Assasination

Postby Transcending. » 31 Jul 2016 15:36

Last night, I had a really epic and weird dream. At the beginning of the dream, I'm with 10 people. We were all dressed in black, and walking towards a police group. We split into two groups of four, and the two were by themselves. I'm walking with my group of four towards a building. By the way, this place looks like a military base. The only difference is that the base isn't very big and there are only police officers. It is mid-day and the sun is extremely hot. We walk in this building, and there are civilians dressed in suits and wedding dresses. We're minding our own business and a lady begins arguing with a girl in our group. The arguing gets really intense, and the girl shoots her with a shotgun. Our cover is blown, and police came in the room shooting at us. "RUN", I shouted. I left the group and ran outside. I saw a bunch of policemen, and took cover behind this huge white wall. Then this luxurious black car, comes and hunks it horn at me. I got inside the car, and the driver sped off. He is Caucasian and has white hair. By the way, this base is really small and it is similar to the map Detroit on Call Of Duty AW. He stops the car next to an ammunition store and I ran inside to buy weapons. There were sticks with the names of guns on them(WTF) and I bought them. I rested them in my bag. The cashier was a lady and she told me thanks. When I got outside, the man was gone and my group was on this big white building next to the store. I quickly open my bag to grab the sticks, and to my surprise they were guns. Then money popped up on the side of me, as if it was on a TV screen when someone is playing GTA V. Then the whole dream scene changed. I was in the same place, but it was night time. I was spectating this guy who looked like an Indian. He had the same clothes my group and I had on(black suits). He was talking to someone on the phone in the ammunition store, and he had a worried expression on his face. Then he shouted, "K9's"!. He ran outside and jumped on a motorcycle. The base look abandoned. He drove to the other side of the base and there was a small clear opening. There was a hole in a fence and he went through it. When he got through it, he was in a different place. It was daytime, and there were a bunch of houses and fences. He was on a hill and there was sand. In the distance, there was a city and the guy started screaming with joy. The dream scene switched, and I was on a bed with a PS4 controller in my hand. Then I heard footsteps coming downstairs and my friend told me to hide. I went under the bed and his parents were looking around for us. Then I woke up. :| :|

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