My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 33

Avatar Lila (Sportive forms of Avatar)

152. 13st August, 1976.

Early morning dream: Just before awakening from sleep I noticed that somebody held a white paper in front of me. On it I noticed a number ‘888’ along with a sentence which I could not remember. Then I again fell asleep. After rising from the bed. I could only remember the number but not the sentence.

Thereafter I thought—well let me check the book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ and let me see what is written against ‘888’! As soon as I opened the book, strangely I found at the first instance the same number where it was written—from ‘Nitya to Lila’ and Lila to Nitya’ and this short sentence, I could remember was written on the paper seen in the dream (Nitya – Absolute; Lila – Sportive forms of God).

The explanation is given in the book in the following way—these realizations are seen after Avatar Lila . The seer realized that he passed through various realizations of Avatar Lila in dreams and it is the confirmation .

Stability of previous austerity

153. 15th August, 1976.

Early morning dream: First I saw a devotee named Bhabani Bandyopadhyaya and began to describe to him about some of my own dreams. Meanwhile Arun Ghosh, another devotee came there and described to Mr. Banerjee about a dream of mine dreamt on 8.3.’76 in which I had the experience of Samadhi. I also described about my another dream in which I had an experience of ‘Sacchidananda’ (Eternal bliss) condition and then the dream went off.

This type of dream confirms the stability of the condition gained in previous dreams as those are being corroborated by narrations in later dream.

Stability of preaching capability in seer

154. 16th August, 1976.

Early morning dream: The scene opened with a huge hall which was filled up with many young ones and a Christian Monk was supposed to deliver a lecture. I was also present there. The Father, looking at me started saying ‘We can only preach, what you have got to preach? Hearing this I became agitated and said, ‘Who are you to preach? Who preaches? God preaches. God is within you. You are a man. So man becomes God’. While saying this to him, I observed that he could not talk at all. When I repeated these sentences, the Father became depressed and saying good bye left the hall. With a great joy I left the hall.

The dream indicated the future of the seer, when he will utter ‘God is in the body’ to anyone, even he is oppositionist, he will not say a single word against the seer, and on the contrary, he will be converted . In addition, the Christian world may, in future take the cult of Jibankrishna i.e., they will realize that God is not in heaven in the sky but within the human body.

The future indication of gaining the entity of Jibankrishna .

155. 16th August, 1976.

After the previous early morning dream, it was 6-30 A.M, I was seated on my bed and the words ‘Entity of Jibankrishna’ suddenly flashed in my brain. I was seated with closed eyes, gradually fell into trance and heard the voice of j
Jibankrishna from a far distance ‘You will get my entity, you will get my entity’. These words were repeated several times and then I got back my sense. Even the whole day my mind did not come down from the cerebrum.

Company with the devotees and spiritual practices

156. 17th August, 1976.

Early morning dream: One old well reputed Doctor named Kripanath, very much known to me with great affection hugged me and then took me to his residence entertaining me with delicious dishes.

The scene changed . I saw myself in Raghunath Sen’s house at Taltala, Kolkata where many devotees were present. Khagen Ghosh with bearded face was also seen there, but did not utter a single word. Then he began to read his own exercise book written with his dreams. After he finished reading, I asked him, ‘Where will you take your food?’ He said, ‘I shall take my food at Hotel. I cannot take it in anybody’s house now’. The dream went off.

The first scene indicates that God has His best blessings bestowed on the seer as ‘Kripanath’ means who poures His blessings i.e., God.

The second scene shows that the seer is continuing regular spiritual practices even in dream like reality through constant accompaniment with devotees.

Gaining the power of preaching

157. 18th August, 1976.

Early morning dream: I met Jibankrishna, but how I did met, could not remember although the residual effects of joy lasted long.

After a while I saw myself saying some words on Sri Ramkrishna Deva to somebody from the core of my heart and with the sweetest voice. After I woke up from sleep, went on thinking with great surprise—How strange, I cannot say like this in reality!

However, the dream indicates that the seer will have the power of speaking of God and preaching in future, though the seer has not any intention of taking all these achieved in dream.

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