using and implanting dream signs

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using and implanting dream signs

Postby neil » 03 Aug 2016 12:22

I have 2 very common dream signs and do reality checks every time they come up fully expecting to be in a dream (football and my childhood town) and even though I do not play football now or live in my childhood town, even when I have dreams with both dream signs (about playing football in my home town) I still do not realise its a dream. I also implanted a dream sign, I spent all day imagining lions everywhere I went , hunting poeple, sitting on cars, hunting me, sittng in my bath, and that night I dreamed I had 3 pet lions - did this induce lucidity? not one bit. I have got DILD lucid 8 times but it is never from a reality check or dream sign - it is just when I recognise that what is happening is not consistent with waking life and I think - this must be a dream, THEN I do a reality check. The dream sign seems to be more a matter of the qulaity and nature of the dream rather than a specific place/activity - anyone have any exercises I can do through the day working with the nature of dreams to increase chances of LD.

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