FILD deprived

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FILD deprived

Postby star64rogue » 05 Aug 2016 14:27

Hmm, hi!
Actually, I was going to put my last bidding on this nap using FILD, but it took me two hours to fall, besides, I got detached.
During these two hours, I fell into light sleep stage several times, semi-conscious, but finger movement stopped (was it really stopped or I didn't feel it?) , so as I tried each time to resume the finger movement, I would just fully awake myself, and that's how I got too tired to keep up.
Finally, with a procedure that I don't really recall, I got detached and fell asleep for another two hours.
Am I doing anything wrong?
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Re: FILD deprived

Postby CabinFifteen » 05 Aug 2016 19:21

Yeah, the same thing happened to me with FILD this morning :?
I always find WILDs really tough cause you have to be focused and alert, but also be relaxed and drowsy. If I stay alert, it takes me hours to fall asleep, but if I let my mind wander that defeats the purpose.
Practice makes perfect, I guess. My plan is to do a relaxation exercise next time and somehow time how long I stay alert.
Best of luck!

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