Lucid Dreamt/still counted fingers?

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Lucid Dreamt/still counted fingers?

Postby Galah2 » 06 Aug 2016 06:09

So, I use finger counting as a reality check because as I understood it, you can't count them easily in a dream. I also push two fingers against my palm and visualise an analog clock. All of these checks occur one after the other throughout my day. This questions is about one of these checks.

Two nights ago, I tried a WILD around 4pm, and I'm fairly certain it worked (I saw my hypnagogia, and almost hit sleep paralysis) but as soon as I entered the dream and did my checks, I counted up my fingers quite easily. It wasn't super easy, but I tried and within 10-15 ''dream'' seconds, I had counted one to five. I tried it again to be sure I was dreaming, and it only got easier, took probably four ''seconds''. Was I dreaming or in a half-awake state or what? I tried visualising a clock face, and that didn't happen. There was a clock, but it had no hands. Should I eliminate the finger check if my brain finds it too easy to do in a dream or was I just not actually dreaming?? Any insight is appreciated.

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Re: Lucid Dreamt/still counted fingers?

Postby upstairsmuffin » 18 Aug 2016 18:22

I've been able to count my fingers in a dream before. I think trying to push your fingers through your palm is a better bet. Make sure to imagine them going through, to will them through.

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