WBTB Success!?

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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WBTB Success!?

Postby Transcending. » 07 Aug 2016 16:02

19th Lucid Dream for this year!!! I got up 8 o'clock this morning. Walked my grandmother's puppy around the yard, got back inside and went to sleep. Right before I went to sleep the phone ranged and I answered. No one answered back, so I was pissed and went sleep. The dream started with me when I was a room. The walls were green, and their were two beds apart from each other. I got up out the bed and looked at the TV. It looked really strange. There were numbers on a line, that went straight down to the bottom of the TV. I paid it no mind, and went outside the bedroom. I ended up in a kitchen, and there were stacks of groceries everywhere and a guy comes out of nowhere. He told me to help him without the groceries and I did. Then this is where the strange parts happen. I heard someone shouting my name and were saying stuff about me. "I hope his ass gets caught" " I hate Charleston" I was like :| :!: :?: , so I went to go outside. When I opened up the door, I ended up in an airport. I saw my family members and they were so happy to see me. "Come on", they said. The dream scene changed before I could open my mouth. (Lucidty wasn't triggered at all) I was looking a video entitled, "Finish your story", and I went up close to the screen and saw me hanging on a dragon who was about to 'crash'. The dream scene changed again, but it still didn't triggered my lucidity. This time I'm hanging on the dragon for real, screaming for my life. It was daytime. Then I woke up, and drifted back off to sleep. I entered the same dream in less than a minute. This time we were getting closer to land. There were two goth-like castles and a dude with red eyes and wearing a torn red shirt and armor. On the side of the castles, there was a suburban neighborhood. The dragon flew over one of the castles and I fell of her back and landed on the ground. This triggered my lucidity, and all I did was smile to myself. I did some deepening techniques and some movement. I rubbed my hands together, and tried to run. It felt like something heavy was on my foot, but I had read about it happening before to someone in a lucid dream, so I didn't freaked out. I didn't even pay attention to the guy, I walked straight past him. As I was walking away from the castle, there was this girl with a white painted shotgun. I shouted, "I want a shotgun in my hand now!" No shotgun appeared in my hand :lol: :lol: I tried again, and again. No success though. There was this fence around the castle, and I went through a hole in it. Then there was the beautiful suburban neighborhood. The kids were playing and there was this huge tree. From the color of the leaves, I assumed that it was Autumn season. I walked away from the tree, and kept walking on the road. There were two white houses and the left and just grass on the right side of the road. When I walked past the white houses, the dream scene changed. I was walking on a road again, but it was night time. I was in school uniform. On the left side of the road there was a bar. It looked abandoned. On the right side of the road, I saw my classmates. All of them were happy and I saw a girl that who I used to talk too. I've wanted to talk to her in my lucid dreams, but this time all I said to myself was, "F*ck her, won't change sh*t anyway" and kept walking. Two cars were ahead of parked as if they were supposed to block the road. I walked between them and glanced inside. I saw two people who were relatives of the girl and shook my head and kept walking. Now this is were the funny part comes in. :lol: :lol: As I'm walking on this road, the scene changes again. I'm walking my grandmother's puppy to the beach and when we were coming down towards the beach, I saw the most hilarious shit ever. :lol: :lol: The sand, and water were mixed together, and it looked completely froze. Like a glitch in a video game. It looked weird and funny. I heard voices of people who I knew and saw them having the time of their lives. It is daytime btw. I'm walking towards them and I was about to tell them about how sand looked. :lol: :lol: I started laughing and said, "Guys, this is a dream. Didn't you guys see the sand down there." There reaction was so funny. They were like :( :| " Charleston, this is real life. You are not dreaming. Stop thinking about this shitty lucid dreaming thingy." I'm just there on the ground dieing of laughter, because my sub-consciousness was being a dick. :lol: :lol: I just shouted out loud, "Not this time buddy" and walked away from them. I couldn't stop laughing though. :lol: :lol: :lol: Anyways I walked down the beach and ended up on a road again. There were two corners on the road. Instead of going straight ahead, I turned through a corner and expected thee unexpected. :lol: :lol: There was this guy who looked around the same age of me. He was bareback and looked dirty. We were staring at each other hard, and I got a gut feeling to run. I let go of my grandmother's puppy and ran away. It still felt like something heavy was on my feet, but I kept running. This guy was fast too, so he was right behind me. We were jumping over walls, and using shortcuts throughout different yards. By the way, this neighborhood looked rigged and ghetto. The heavy weight on my feet eventually wore off and I was going faster this time. In less than five minutes, when I turned around the guy was nowhere behind me. I started walking down this street, and it sounded like people were having a party. I turned right, and I saw 4-6 people standing up and drinking bears. Then came my sub-consciousness, trying to wake me up again. My friend's dad walked up to me and said, "Where do you think you are! This isn't a lucid dream, wake your ass up!" All I did was smh and walked away from him. I saw a cabana, and went under it. As I was sitting down, my friend came up to me and started acting the same way his father did. I just shouted out," Shut the f*ck up" and I couldn't hear his voice. I just sat down thinking to myself about my life. Switching schools, relationships, etc. Then I got up and tried to fly. Jumped up, no success. I couldn't even climbed up on the top of the cabana because of how exhausted I was. Instead I just smiled to myself again, and closed my eyes in the dream. I woke up, and my mind felt empty of negativity. I just wanted to share this dream with you guys :D Peace and Love <3
Good Luck to all of those who are trying to have their first lucid dream.

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