Can anyone learn to lucid dream?

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Can anyone learn to lucid dream?

Postby Gliese » 08 Aug 2016 02:25

Hey everyone,
I'm an aspiring illustrator so I discovered lucid dreaming through an artist who painted his dreams. I really liked that idea so I wanted to try it too. That was roughly a year ago and during this time I read a lot of things about dreaming in general, lucid dreaming etc. but I don't understand some things so I wanted to ask here.
I read that everybody can learn to have really vivid dreams and everybody can learn lucid dreaming. And I am not so sure about that. From the time I started to be interested in dreaming in general I'm finding out more and more that maybe I'm just not the right type of person for it.I think that some people are natural dreamers and some people are just not very connected to their dreams - like me. Let me explain.
I don't remember any dream from childhood at all. I also never had a nightmare (that I remember but If I had a nightmare I think I would know). Dreams closest to nightmares are just dreams about awkward social situations. Which is logical, because I have a mild social anxiety. I am a really heavy sleeper, it's normal for me to fall asleep in 1-2 minutes and never wake up during the night. My dreams are also very often vague and "normal". I only very rarely dream about something fantasy-like. I also believe that I have an aphantasia - lack of a mind's eye. ( if people saying that they can see pictures with closed eyes are actually "seeing" them).
I've put serious effort into improving my dreaming. I've kept a dream journal and written everything I could into it. To problem is, that I can improve dream recall (from basically non-existent to somewhat decent) but sadly, the dreams alone never improve. It's just the same bland and vague dreams I always have. Typically some normal social situation. Buying something in grocery shop, being in school... I've had some ( roughly 4) great dreams with interesting story, dialogue and dreamscape. The problem is, that they are not a result of me trying, but it's completely random, sometimes ironically after I stop trying so hard. I can be quite motivated about things, but I gave up on dreaming numerous times, because there wasn't any improvement for a long time, just the same bland and boring dreams.
All that now seems like I am just not a creative person and maybe it's true. But I paint often and I can have some ideas (not anything amazing though) . I look at a lot of paintings and pictures. I read often. And I watch movies from time to time. So I don't think that there should be problem in that.
What do you think? Are some people more connected with their dreams and some less? Do you think that really anyone can learn lucid dreaming? Is there even point in making effort improving my dreaming? If so, how should I make my dreams more vivid and interesting? Why do you think that I never had a nightmare? (that I can remember at least) Does lack of mind's eye have something to do with vividness of dreams?
I would love to hear your thoughts about this. I have a bunch of other questions but that's probably enough for one post. :D Thank you for reading.

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Re: Can anyone learn to lucid dream?

Postby Dane » 08 Aug 2016 09:18

to be honest i did not read your entire post, but a rough 99,9% of the humans have the capability to LD. ( regardless of gender, age, race or whatever )

there are people who are actually incapable to dream, they may be the exception, however these people are extremely rare.

so in a nutshell, if you dream dreams, you are capable of lucid dreaming, since it is by definition nothing more then awareness in a dream.
however if you "Believe" you are not capable, then you never will do so.

Best of Luck!
I returned from the abyss, as a married man. :D

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