Recurring dream since young age

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Recurring dream since young age

Postby Sapphire » 10 Aug 2016 23:18

Hi all,

I've had a vivid recurring dream for as long as I can remember. I am now 26. It is exactly the same each time I have it, and I have it at least once a month. I wonder if you can help me figure this out...

I'm about 2 years old throughout the dream, and everything and everyone in it looks as it/they did when I was that age. I'm in the lounge with my two older brothers and my grandmother, who is babysitting. There's someone at the door and as soon as she realises who it is my grandmother tries to shut it again but the man pushes his way in. She screams and cries and tells him he shouldn't be here and that she's going to call the police. He says "But she's mine" and places me on his hip and carries me upstairs to my bedroom and helps me to quickly pack a bag. All the time I can hear my grandmother. He then carries me downstairs, still on his hip, with my bag, and my grandmother keeps trying to grab me back. He firmly, but not aggressively, pushes her and opens the front door. We leave, and then I always wake up. I'm not scared by the man; I'm relieved to see him. In the dream I seem to know who he is, but in reality I've no idea who he is.

Thanks x

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Re: Recurring dream since young age

Postby jasmine2 » 01 Sep 2016 21:15

It is interesting that at the end of your recurrent dream about your early childhood, you say that you are relieved that the strange man comes and carries you out of your grandmother's house. As a child, were you troubled by some difficult psychological situation, from which you wanted to be rescued?

Perhaps it would be helpful to draw a picture of the dream man carrying you on his hip. Over several days, allow your unconscious mind to perhaps suggest additional characters, images, symbols, or colors to the picture, which may give clues regarding the wider meaning context of this dream.

Also, before you go to sleep, you could get in a meditative state. Then ask the wisdom behind dreaming to send you some dreams which might give you more insight into the meaning of your recurring dream.

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