Sleep paralysis

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Sleep paralysis

Postby nicapica » 15 Aug 2016 20:07

Hey guys, I'm sorry I know this is my second post in a row but I have a question.
I just read about sudden death syndrome and I have something on my mind. Since I am reading about lucid dreaming I learnt that it can cause sleep paralysis. My question is can sleep paralysis cause sudden death syndrome? I hope I'm not being to anoying.

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Re: Sleep paralysis

Postby RealityCheck » 16 Aug 2016 13:42

Hey there :)

Let's clear things up a little - sleep paralysis is something our body goes through every single night, just that when we attempt something like WILD, we are awake while it's happening. It's a way for our bodies to keep us from moving around during our dream cycle and protect us. Sudden death syndrome is very rare and has tons of factors for its cause. I haven't heard of anyone dying from sleep paralysis so I will assume the answer to your question is "no" :)
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