Very interesting action when talking to a DC about dreaming/reality

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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Very interesting action when talking to a DC about dreaming/reality

Postby SacredSleeping » 16 Aug 2016 16:09

Just to note, almost all of my dreams are lucid and I don't need cues. I can usually just tell I'm dreaming on my own.

Hey guys I'm new here. Super noob to the forums so don't judge :)

Just to let you know a little bit about me, I've been lucid dreaming for a while probably over five years. After I started experimenting with certain drugs it became almost a constant thing where it would almost be exhausting. Over the years I started to learn my own techniques to stay in these dreams, and control them fairly well.

So recently in my dreams I have been learning to go back to the exact same lucid dream over and over and by recently I mean over the course of a couple years, but it takes a bit of practice. Also another thing I have been doing in these SUPER realistic dreams is talking to friends or random people and asking them if they know they're dreaming. Almost letting them know their in a dream and they will be gone when I wake up (after what felt like hours hanging out with them). For me a lot of the time they were just zombie like and couldn't replicate my friends exactly. But i almost feel it was the way I was approaching them.

Just recently I woke up from a lucid dream where I would keep going back into the same dream about four or five times it was a setting with an old girl friend I used to have. It felt so easy to just picture everything and walk right back into the same room we were all sitting in, they even acknowledged I was back. Some friends of mine were also there who didn't look too familiar. Almost like extras that I thought I knew. Me and my ex kept talking about how amazing everything was and that we were almost sad it ended but we knew it had to. We both felt like we were in the relationship in the dream but it's like she knew it wasn't real. Once they left I was left in the room with one of the characters, a blonde female. For some reason there was peanut butter and toast on the ground (probably because I like it) I had a piece of toast the first times before I left and came back so I asked her if I could have one again, she said sure. After I ate the toast we started talking and I asked her if she knew what dreaming was. She said yes and I told her that I am in one right now. I asked her if she would exist there for ever. She got low by me on the floor and went "shhhhhh, keep it quiet. I am a whisperer" "I can exist in all the worlds and hear all things" almost like she was waiting for the dumb ones to leave the room. I'm really good at waking up so after that I told her "ok I will leave it at that" and woke up very shocked and almost scared. But she seemed almost like a super intelligent being. Not scary, but I've never had that happen.

I almost think it's my mind getting better at creating situations I want? Either way it was obviously more detailed then I can explain now because I'm already forgetting lots of it. But she didn't seem scary but it felt like I actually found another universe people were living in.

Anyways guys thanks for reading, that was just the first time I woke up from a dream and really felt I needed to share it so I looked up a forum! Back to sleep.

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Re: Very interesting action when talking to a DC about dreaming/reality

Postby Azaleaj » 29 Aug 2016 09:50

Have you read either of Robert Waggoner's books? They are the best LD books I've read. He talks a lot about dream characters and various ways to approach them and about what they might be. Very interesting reads and a little more philosophical and thoughtful than a lot of books on the subject.

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