After dry spell, finally lucid again

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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After dry spell, finally lucid again

Postby Keeboard » 17 Aug 2016 20:50

This dream starts in a snowy city, and I'm immediately lucid. For the first time, I look at my hands and they're warped. I plug my nose and can breathe. I fly over a busy street. The edges of my vision get blurry and I spin, rub my hands, and say "clarity now". My vision is clear again. I'm looking for a door to use as a portal. I'm about to go through one when a man comes up from behind me and goes through the door. He's holding something like an axe. I turn away from the door and see a restaurant to my left and a sled to my right. I pick up some snow. It feels a little wet and cool, but not real. A couple times, I see the dream in third person (I usually experience it in first person). I find another door and visualize Artime (a place in a book series I read). I open the door. Everything's black and a loading bar comes up. The connection fails :?: I find a tree and walk into it instead. I visualize Artime a second time. I come out in a grassy place filled with brush. There's two huge monkeys sitting to my left (I know, weird). I see a tree giant laying face down. It gets up, and I curl up behind some brush. Some of my starts to float upwards. The giant sees me and eats me, yet I'm fine. It feels strange. The giant then goes after a couple of cartoon sheep. I make a portal out of nothing and visualize Artime once more. I end up in an ocean (which is close, since Artime is on an island). A woman is clinging to me (I don't know why, I'm female). There's a ship behind me and an island in front of me. I go to the island, which is flooded and has a forest. I see signs that say something like "El Sangster" :?: I then see the cast of the Maze Runner, including Thomas Sangster. He looks different, though. Someone asks if I know who Thomas plays. The dream ends there.
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