Rare type of lucid dreaming

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Rare type of lucid dreaming

Postby Blondella » 21 Aug 2016 17:39

Hey guys, I'm new on here! I wanted to tell you all about this accidental lucid dream I had, which of course turned into a nightmare because I refused to live inside the dream and urged myself to wake up. The story is quite long but it's interesting and a very rare incident (since I couldn't find anyone who had a dream like this) , so please bear with me. Here are the details (Slight NSFW text involved) - It's been hours since I woke up so I might have forgotten some details. It started out as a normal day, me performing normal routines but then I realized something is really wrong, I checked my bed and I noticed my MacBook was missing and some other stuffs dear to me as well. Paranoid as I am I searched the entire room for the missing items, so a thought hit me "what if I'm dreaming? Things don't just disappear out of nowhere!" I've gotten a few unwanted lucid dreams in the past so I branded this reality check deep in my mind "counting fingers method, remember you always have six fingers in the dream." I was relieved the reality check worked and immediately realized I was dreaming so I did anything in my power to wake myself up (including hurting myself). At last I woke up! (I thought I did, my bed looks so normal) but then I noticed this strange book lying about on the corner of my bed, as nosy as I am I opened it and decided to gave those pages a go. Then a peculiar sensation hit me as I struggled to read the texts. They were written in a language known to no mankind or I'm seeing weird symbols. So I repeated the reality check and force myself to wake up again. It took me 5 false awakenings to gave me a full blown panic attack, I was hyperventilating with my heart beating unnaturally fast. Its like I was trapped in a loop, it felt like years honestly. Of course that's scientifically impossible since the maximum dreaming time is 20 minutes according to experts. I reminded myself that very fact in my dream. Another false awakening scenario, I found myself being dragged into another dimension and I felt something dropped me into a crowded city with a full blown traffic. Then the unimaginable happened I saw this middle aged dark haired lady without any clothes on (only back nudity) standing in the middle of the traffic turning her head towards me. A truck carrying a huge mirror just happened to drove in front of her. What I saw in the mirror was highly disturbing. Her reflection was distorted in the deepest darkest figure. Her face was mutilated with dark irises staring back at me. So I ran as far as I could, calming myself I looked up at the sky and noticed the sun is just a huge ball of white with deeply embedded holes (like the moon). I stumbled onto this photographer lady who asked me if she could take a photo of that sun together with me (strange). But I posed for her photograph anyway. Everythings a blur afterwards I woke up again and found myself trapped in a dark forest. I tried to control this part of the dream as I shut my eyes tightly mentally giving light to this forest but it failed miserably. After so many false awakenings I've had I began to lose count and wondered if my real body died and this is hell I'm stuck in. I even tried killing myself in this godforsaken dream, such as impaling myself in the stomach with a sharp iron rod, floating upwards and diving deep into the abyss. I screamed for help as my desperate attempts to wake up failed. I did so many reality checks that Ive ever studied, me watching myself failing over and over again. Everytime I did a reality check I keep waking up once again. Finally I woke up in my own bed (I usually wear this eye cover thing when I sleep) I tore that stuff away from my face but I found myself waking up within this bright light, everything around me just vanished(even my bed) .It's just me floating in this light. Frustrated as I am I did one last reality check and woke up FOR REAL this time, its crazy when you wake up in reality after having so many false awakenings you noticed every details, your senses heightening. I gasped hard and removed my eye cover slowly. I did one last reality check and discovered my fingers were frickin normal, not mutilated, not one extra finger. I sighed covering my own sweat covered forehead and blessed myself for waking up at last. This all took place within 5 hours of my sleeping time.

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Re: Rare type of lucid dreaming

Postby Transcending. » 21 Aug 2016 22:45

Mind-Blowing.. Glad you woke up :geek:

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Re: Rare type of lucid dreaming

Postby Keeboard » 27 Aug 2016 12:28

One question: Why on earth did you want to wake up in the first place? I know you've had unwanted lucid dreams in the past, but there's so many amazing things you can do in lucid dreams!
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Re: Rare type of lucid dreaming

Postby dizzyuluru » 03 Oct 2016 23:45

This actually sounds pretty bad to me, this could definitely mess with your head if it happened too much. Best of luck man, I hope this doesn't happen to me!
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