Something happened to dream recall

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Something happened to dream recall

Postby ZordX » 22 Aug 2016 07:59

Hey guyz I am learning lucid dream for about 4 weeks. I used almost all of the methods(DILD, MILD, WILD, FILD) But nothing seems to work for me. And I was doing good dream recalls earlier. 3-4 days ago I learnd a new technique called SSILD(SENSES INDUCED LUCID DREAM) AND I have success with that in my first try. But the dream was very short like I did an rc and woke up. Now from last 3 days I am unable to recall my dreams at all. For this reason I don't know wheather I became lucid on that days or not. And another thing to mention when I went to bed at 12.00 am and set my alarm at 6.00 am, i was able to write my dreams. But from last few days I am waking up earlier like 4.30 am, 5.00 am. Is there any link between waking time and dream recall?
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Re: Something happened to dream recall

Postby Dane » 22 Aug 2016 09:29

yes there is, if you awaken during your REM stages, you should have a clear and vivid memory of the dream you were having.
however there are multiple factors at play here, so its no guarrantee. :geek:

instead of running down the list checking off technique's won't do you good.
now that you have tested a bundle, i would suggest you choose one which felt good and right to you, and stick with that gun. 8-)

if you test a (example) WBTB+Mild for a couple of days and then switch to a different technique, you haven't given Mild a fair chance to kick in ;)
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Re: Something happened to dream recall

Postby Midfielder15 » 24 Aug 2016 16:43

Dream recall is probably the most important part of the whole process so it seems to me that you need to go back to the basics and focus on that before flying through all the techniques. Also I am in no way shape or form an "expert lucid dreamer" but i'm definitely advanced enough to know that it's best to pick one technique that works best for you. You have to pick one and practice it for a while until you decide to move on to another. You should really focus on mastering one technique before moving to another. The fact that you have all these different techniques in your head could be affecting your dream recall since your subconscious really isn't focused on one goal and one technique only.

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