Supernatural agents/spirit beings in LUCID dreams

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Supernatural agents/spirit beings in LUCID dreams

Postby thedreamer2 » 22 Aug 2016 18:26

Greetings all. I am working on a paper on non-self characters in lucid dreams. I am specifically interested in spirit beings or supernatural agents (SAs) in lucid dreams. My impression is that they occur fairly often in my dreams and when they do they have a special kind of autonomous character to them. Can I ask: How often do SAs occur in your lucid dreams? Can you recount a recent lucid dream that you have had with an SA in it? When they occur what do they say? Have you ever asked them “Are you real or are you just a figment of my dreaming brain? Can you prove that you are real?” What have they done to prove that they are real? Thanks ALL for any insights you can give me on this…By the way would you classify yourself as a non-believer/atheist or a believer in SAs? Thanks again

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Re: Supernatural agents/spirit beings in LUCID dreams

Postby Summerlander » 22 Aug 2016 19:56

Never! :mrgreen:
"Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. when not altering what is, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present."

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Re: Supernatural agents/spirit beings in LUCID dreams

Postby Azaleaj » 23 Aug 2016 07:10

I've never dreamt of characters that stood out as supernatural though all dreams feel spiritual to me. I've asked dream characters if they were part of me or independent but got no answer. I've also asked the greater dream (shouted to the sky) show me something amazing and felt an immediate and overwhelming joy I've never felt before.

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