Three Consecutive Attempts at My Dream Goal

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Three Consecutive Attempts at My Dream Goal

Postby Xälos Prömythos » 25 Aug 2016 14:53

I had established a goal which was to ask the dream itself to show me something new. I tried three times, lucidly, in a row but failed. I am super okay with it – my time will come. Here is what I wrote in my dream journal regarding this spree of lucidity. I also included an episode of no lucidity, which MIGHT have happened between one of my attempts, as is suggested by the structure of my report. Here it is:

Notes: Before the First Attempt, I had dreamed of being in my old street, where my first apartment is, here in Rio. In the First Attempt, I was there again, in the same dream scenery.


My Lucid Goal, First Attempt – [Lucid]

After that, my lucidity spree started. The first time, I was in a speeding car. I became lucid – maybe the fact that I was on the same street again triggered some kind of realization. What I attempted to do had already caused me a drawback, in the past: I tried just jumping out of the car and onto the street and it didn't work, for I became afraid of the experience was too intese. I felt resistance before jumping, which is in itself a sign of fear. Have no fear. The dream realm might not belong just to you, but it is a place that is beautiful and alive. So as soon as I jumped out of the car, everything turned grey-black.

3D SketchUp Boat and My Solo Rant

Before the second attempt at lucid dreaming, I was making a 3-D model of a boat in college. Fabio and Gustavo were there. We were in a circle with the teacher, who was asking what I wanted to be and do in the future, in precise terms. I felt overwhelmed by the question and turned frustrated and argued with the class, especially to Fabio since he was insistently implying that I had improved in something. I felt like he was patronizing me. But my emo-dark side ranted, saying that I hadn’t. And so I went on to work on the 3D model by myself, without listening to the teacher's directions.

My Lucid Goal, Second Attempt – [Lucid]

I think I was on a little patch of bushes and grass. I sensed mom talking to someone, in my mind. I became lucid and decided to fly. I knew that I had attempted and failed before, in the same dream scenery, just a while ago, so I decided to fly to a small public area with what looked like a garden – which by the way does not exist in the real world, but has featured in previous dreams of mine –, so that I was in a serene place to question the dream itself. As soon as I got there, and landed on the ground, I woke up.

My Lucid Goal, Third and Last Attempt – [Lucid]

The third and last try occurred when I was already flying, in the same street – my old apartment street – and realized that I was lucid, for a pattern of recognition had been formed (flying in the same dream scenery). I decide to fly a little further (at an amazing speed) and decide to land on another patch of grass and bushes. However, my landing is not smooth at all – I try to break with my feet, scraping the soil beneath me. It did not hurt, but I had little control over my performance. Finally, I come to a halt. It’s time. I breathe consciously – which is something I am still trying to master in my waking life, let alone in the dream realm – and lift one hand to the sky. The sky is intensely blue and the day is sunny. It is just marvelous. I can see a mountain in front of me, in the distance. I lift my hand up to the sky and address the dream itself: “Drim…”. That is right. My voice comes out very irregular, as if I were tense (which I probably was). Moreover, I speak in an accent that me and my friends use just for fun. It is what we call Arabic English – the kind of heavy and goofy accent found in the movie Borat, by Sasha Baron Cohen. The accent is Kazakh, actually. As soon as my frail voice comes out, I wake up.


I believe that there is a lot to withdraw from these dreams. One of these is: Fear kills the mind. And so it does.
Something else is that I recall now having checked my hands as soon as I became lucid. I looked at my right arm and there was no tattoo there! I guess it’s because in the back of my mind I expected or worried that the dream wouldn’t create my tattoo. Body is irrelevant in dreams, anyways. I don’t remember in which attempt this hand check occurred. Probably in the second time.
Fear kills the mind.

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