Horrors help me please..

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Horrors help me please..

Postby Confuseddreamer » 27 Aug 2016 12:31

I had some questions about this place in my dream. I remember this place in my dream it's normally underground like hospital tunnels but more narrow like the size or a twin size bed. And at the end I'd this tunnel is a door. But I feel the door is holding something very evil and malicious. I have a slight memory of the door from a previous dream and I know walk the opposite way even when I see the beginning of the corridors. I just can't remember what's behind it and it scares me. I don't want to open it and be wicked into a wild murder dream... those are no fun epically because I've only been able to wake myself once from within my dream and the only way was because I was getting beheaded with a knife and it was to much for my psyche to handle. So I need to know what should I do and maybe if anyone has had this kind of thing happen to them.

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Re: Horrors help me please..

Postby jasmine2 » 27 Aug 2016 23:43

Learning to understand the metaphorical images in dreams can lead to increased self knowledge. If you come to a dream door and feel afraid of what may be on the other side, be brave and go through the door. Try to have the attitude, "Whatever happens in the dream, I hope it's interesting."

Over the years, I have had many frightening dreams which involved - hospitals, wandering in dark tunnels and caves, being chased by aggressive dream characters, war scenes, or being threatened by erupting volcanoes, or other vague but powerful forces.

These types of dreams seem to happen when I am confronted with with anxious challenges in the real world, such as - major changes in my life situation, or disturbing national or world news, or trying to deal with my own or other people's emotional or health problems, or rebelling against unfair prejudices or other limitations.

In working with nightmares, it often helps to fight aggressive dream characters, or better yet, ask them, "What do you represent?". Saying, "I love you" sometimes causes a scary dream character to tun into a helpful friend.

Here are some recommendations for learning how to work with dreams. -

(1) - Search - "Jeremy Taylor/ Dream Work In Cyberspace" - jeremytaylor.com
Scroll down and click on "CLF On-Line Dream Work Leadership Training Manual"
Links to - blurb.com - Click on book image to turn pages - 77 pages (free) - creative comic book style

- Books by Jeremy Taylor - "Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill"
- "The Wisdom Of Your Dreams"

(2) Article - "The Archetype of the Shadow"/ Dream Encyclopedia" - dreamhawk.com - Jeremy Crisp

(3) You Tube - "Carl Jung - The Wisdom of the Dream"
- Vol. 1 - "A life of Dreams"
(I suggest sample) - 31:00 min. - A brief overview of Jung's ideas regarding the nature of the psyche
34:00 min. - The concept of the collective unconscious
- Vol. 2 - "Inheritance Of Dreams"
- Vol. 3 - "A World Of Dreams"

(4) Books by Carl Jung -
- "Memories, Dreams, Reflections"
- "Jung On Active Imagination"

(5) Book - "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self" - by Robert Waggoner

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Re: Horrors help me please..

Postby jasmine2 » 28 Aug 2016 00:13

Here's an addition to my previous comment. -
Tony Crisp's website - dreamhawk.com has so many links and sub topics, it can be a bit difficult to navigate.
I suggest an interesting subject for exploration - Search - dreamhawk.com - "Archetypes - Links To" -
- Examples - Archetype of Fear - Archetype of the Self

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