Hey! Happy to be here.

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Hey! Happy to be here.

Postby Eddlm » 29 Aug 2016 04:53

Glad to find a suitable place to share information and talk about lucid dreams.
As the subforum indicates, I'll introduce myself:

About me:
Keeping it relevant, I am a person who is very, very interested in what this is all about. Dreams, lucid dreams, how they work, why do they happen. All that stuff. Apart from that, I'm interested in technology, videogames (their inner workings) and science fiction, the robotic kind.

My background:
I discovered the "lucid dream" concept on 2010-2011, while having a conversation with a friend. Liked the idea, started looking up information about it on the internet, etc. Based on the wonders I had read, I decided I would try it out myself.

A few nights later, without even using any tecnique, had my very first LD related dreams: One about me controlling a paperboard tank on a green maze, and another dream where I found myself on the street, when an old man passed by, telling me that "I should be careful". Didn't specify about what, but I think that it's ovbious, right?

That was a pretty quick response coming from my mind! At this point I was sure that I would try to get my share of this promised ambrosia.

My achievements:
Around that time I progressed somewhat quickly, but some events in my life took me away from the LD path. Until then, I achieved:

- Self-Induced Sleep Paralysis: using the WILD tecnique, one night I managed to finally trick my mind, and I suddenly felt how I lost all control of my body. I quickly felt that I was asphyxiating, but had done my homework and knew that it would happen, so I didn't get scared at all. After a few seconds, the sleep paralysis dissapeared. Didn't transition into any LD, sadly.

- Temporal success with MILD: I got to do some reality checks in-dream, which instantly triggered a lucid reaction. First time it worked, I was shocked. It was the very first time in my life that I felt that everything I was experiencing... was entirely false. A dream.
It worked three or four times tops, plus random times recently.

Later on, had to move to another house and lost all practice and interest. For around five years I basically ignored the thing, except for a few weeks here and there.

A month ago I got my interest for it running again, stronger than ever. And here I am.
In the last five years, I've got a few LDs, all short lived. I also achieved:

- Control over myself: One of my latest LDs was basically an OBE, where I struggled to move myself around my house. I felt like I was made of stone! I also ended up falling out of the balcony and waking up for real :lol: . This LD was spontaneous, while taking a nap.

- Dream sabilization: I was able to stabilize the above dream by rubbing my hands against each other. I don't remember things getting clearer, but I do remember everything feeling less... dense. The air felt more like air and less like a hyper-dense form of cotton.

- Flying: First time, I managed to get control of myself and tried to "move up by sheer will", basically. It hardly worked, dream's gravity was there, preventing me from going too far. I got to jump around 10m high, thats it. The second time however, I managed to fly around for quite some time without any problem, and ran/flied around like a fool for the entire dream.

- Hypnagogic Imagery: Using WILD, I've managed to get to experience hypnagogic imagery twice, although it has never led me to a LD, as I get too excited. In my experience, it feels like imagination running wild without me powering it, plus a sensation of me being inside the "thing", rather than it being played on a screen, as normal imagination feels.

My actual status:
I have had some lucid dreams, have had some degree of control over them, but I still can't control when I have them. Basically.

My goals:
- To find a way to reliably have lucid dreams, at least thrice a week would be optimal.
- To experience the dreamscape as fully as possible. I want to try everything, from knowing dream characters to challenge the stability of the dream itself. To ask tricky questions to the sky, and take notes of the response. To test dream continuity (see if DCs can be persistent between dreams), to see how many details I can percieve in there, to get my own morals tested. What am I capable to do when I have complete control? Will I respect dream characters? Will I disgregard them and their "rights" and do whatever I want with them?
I want to know.

Thoughts on LDs and related stuff:
I keep a sane ammount of skepticism about anything dream related. I'm aware that, while in-dream, my own brain is pretty capable of making things up, throwing truth and evidence out of the window while I'm in there. I keep in mind that any gods, dead relatives or transdimensional ayyliens I can potentially perceive are all concepts made up by my mind, for some reason or another.

That doesn't leave them completely useless, though. From what my mind can express through them, I can have a pretty interesting second opinion about me.

Same with the old man warning me about the dangers of LDing, and the OBE experience. All perfectly understandable without supernatural stuff! The first one is my mind expressing concern about the concept, and the second is a false awakening gone lucid.

That's it. I hope I'll have a nice and productive experience here with you, people. :)
Infrequent lucid dreamer. Still learning about it.

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Re: Hey! Happy to be here.

Postby Pilgrim » 29 Aug 2016 06:49

Wow! Amazing introduction. :)

I have never experienced sleep paralysis or the imagery that you mentioned. I am decent at lucid dreaming, though.


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