WILD: too awake or too sleepy!

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WILD: too awake or too sleepy!

Postby Viola » 29 Aug 2016 23:00

Hello, I hope you'll be able to help me, it'll mean a lot! :D
So, I try to use the WILD technique but I've got a problem: after I relax my body (which is OK), I should see/feel colour, sound etc.. While thinking that I sould stay concentrate, if I see colours I feel like I'm falling asleep, and taking back the consciousness I feel too awake and all the thing just go away. Or, sometimes I also unconsciously follow some troughs and they become a imagine, like a soft dream, but I've lost concentration, so when I realize that I feel again too awake.
I can't work out how to pass that line, the borderline... please help me!
In the other hand, if I let the thing go on and I lose consciousness, I obviously fall asleep.
I'm so sad, I'm trying for a long time! :(

Thank you if you help me, I'd love you! Ahah! ♡


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Re: WILD: too awake or too sleepy!

Postby SleepyKitty » 30 Aug 2016 03:50

Hey there c:

Several things you can do here from what I see:

a. Practice meditation - a lot of people miss out this important step cause they think it's spiritual and weird but no, it's crucial that you learn to relax yourself as stupid as that sounds. It looks like you're having trouble concentrating and relaxing at the same time, so make sure you sit down for few minutes each day and just, well - relax. :)

b. Try another method. If you are still new to lucid dreaming, I highly suggest you leave WILD alone for now and just enforce some WBTB and DILD. These are quite easy to induce and the only important thing here you need is sleep.

I'm so sad, I'm trying for a long time!

Assuming you haven't been able to lucid dream at all for a while now, I would also suggest you stop attempting lucid dreaming for few days. Another thing a lot of people don't realize is that the harder they try, the less likely it is for them to have a lucid dream. Just let it come to you - give it a few days. Don't forget to record dreams and do reality checks every now and then. After a few days, you'll either enter an unintended DILD or you can try WBTB :)

Hope this helps a little ~
Sweet dreams
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Re: WILD: too awake or too sleepy!

Postby Viola » 30 Aug 2016 20:18

SleepyKitty wrote:Sweet dreams

Thank you for your advices ♡

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Re: WILD: too awake or too sleepy!

Postby LucidAlice » 07 Sep 2016 20:26

Thanks sleepy kitty, I had the same question :)))))

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