Visualization question

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Visualization question

Postby ryder115 » 30 Aug 2016 17:45

Hi all,

So I'm "new" to the lucid dreaming world... and when I say new I really should say "returning". So some background:
I discovered the concept of lucid dreaming about 5 years ago and became obsessed with idea of learning how. I started keeping a dream journal and eventually was recording several very vivid dreams a night on a regular basis. I practiced reality checks, other techniques, etc... Nothing seemed to work, for months. I had 1 maybe semi-lucid dream in which I performed a successful reality and gained control of my body for a moment before slipping back into unconsciousness. After more fruitless attempts, I eventually forgot about lucid dreaming all together.

Well now I'm back and my desire to LD has been revived.

So I've started reality checks and recording dreams again. I've started to learn meditation, and am trying to practice visualization... but I've noticed something strange:

Unlike my previous LD visualization attempts, I'm having a lot of trouble seeing things in my mind's eye.
Now let me stop here and give another snippet of background info:
When I was a child I used to put myself to sleep at night by visualizing a world of my own with my own story and characters. I couldn't even fall asleep without doing so. When I first tried LDing, I was still fairly good at doing this with my eyes closed and before falling asleep (I was 13 at the time).
Now, I can still visualize things, hear voices, create scenes, ect... BUT I have a very hard time doing these things with my eyes closed. Peculiar right? For instance, I have a 20 min walk to campus every morning, and this morning I decided to try visualization of an imagined scene while I was making my commute. I could created a scene in my head perfectly with my eyes open, even so much that I started to forget what was around me while I was walking... So then later today I decided to lay down in a dark room, listen to a relaxation recording, and try to conjure this same scene from earlier with my eyes closed. I drifted into a deeply relaxed state, but all I could see was strange pulses of light (hypnagogia??) behind my eyelids, and as hard as I tried I just couldn't conjure up a solid imaginary scene. Why is this? I feel that because I have such a strong visualization ability (or I used to at least) that this could help me reach my goal of lucidity..
Anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions?

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Re: Visualization question

Postby jasmine2 » 31 Aug 2016 20:48

Perhaps you could experiment with imagining scenes using mainly senses other than vision.

For instance, you might feel a comfortable spring breeze and smell the fragrance of meadow flowers. You can tell the direction of the sun by its warmth on your skin. You are lulled by the rhythm of waves on the sea shore and the tang of salty air.

You hear the sounds of animals in the wild, or pets, or barnyard chickens, cows, horse, pigs. You feel the texture of sheep's wool or a cat's fur, or tree bark, or soft clothing. You hear the murmur or people talking and the clinking of cups and utensils in a coffee house. You hear a choir singing and join in.

Recall the taste of many different kinds of food and drink.

Enjoy the pleasure of embracing a loved one. Be aware of kinesthetic body position, muscular effort, and breathing as you engage in walking, running, climbing, or other athletic activities. Feel the difference between walking on a rug, or gravel, pavement, sand, or wading in water.

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Re: Visualization question

Postby jasmine2 » 31 Aug 2016 21:26

In my previous comment I forgot to mention - imagine the sensation of floating and swimming in water as a fish or reptile, land or sea mammal, or a scuba diver. Is the water warm or cold, calm or turbulent?

Imagine floating in the air as a large soap bubble, kite, a leaf in the wind, smoke, a cloud, mist, fluffy snow, or a rainbow.

And especially, mimic the sensation of the flight of birds, from clumsy fledglings, to skillful swoops, turns, hovering, dives, or calm soaring high above the landscape.

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