Using Google Earth to evoke lucid feelings

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Using Google Earth to evoke lucid feelings

Postby oliverlittle » 12 Jul 2012 13:51

Hi guys, I'm still a relative novice (bout 10 LD's under my belt) using MILD. The other day I decided to go for a virtual stroll down hollywood boulevard. After a few minutes a very strong dreamlike feeling came over me, it was similar to when I visualise the waking world becoming dreamy during reality checks.
Wandering around the streets on google earth, for me at least, is similar to some of my dream experiences. I think because the streets are real but unrecognisable this has a strong dreamlike effect.
Anyway that same night, after a particularly baron spell, I had a wondrous dream. I will experiment with this, and hope it may help any other dreamers. Much love happy dreams.

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Re: Using Google Earth to evoke lucid feelings

Postby Peter » 12 Jul 2012 21:15

Nice idea and you are right that Google earth is quite surreal with its pov
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