Intro and Am I Lucid Dreaming

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Intro and Am I Lucid Dreaming

Postby mzinga » 06 Sep 2016 22:55

Hello all,

I finally found a board about lucid dreaming. For the longest time, I have had strange experiences which I have never been able to determine what they are. They typically occur when I'm starting to fall asleep.

I think the first thing I feel is vibrations. My entire body vibrates. Sometimes I vibrate so much my teeth clatter so much they hurt. Two things happen at this point. I panic and try to wake up and I can't. Normally then I start to scream and scream loudly. My wife then will wake me up, before I was married I just would scream until I'd wake myself up. Often in those experiences I would have to wake up 15-20 times until it was a real wakeup. It almost felt like there were many layers to my dream.

The second thing that can happen, is that I can be aware of what is going on, and try to control the experience. In those cases I can come out of my body, look at the room/clock etc around and then try to fly around. I've found it very difficult to control myself, and often times I'll start to vibrate like I did above and then go through those steps again. Often I know I head to a deeper sleep pattern and not remember what was going on. When I control things and then determine how to wake up, I can validate that the time when I popped out of my body and looked at the clock is around where I wake up +- 5 - 10 minutes. Sometimes I can control things so well I can go through walls, but normally I can't see very well when I do it. Sometimes I can control things and I just flip over and stick to the ceiling.

Often in normal dreams I fly, and it seems to be a recurring theme in my dreams, but I can't really remember much because I don't keep a dream journal.

I guess my question is.. Does this sound somewhat normal? Is this OOBE/Astral Projection/Lucid Dreaming? Should I start to keep a journal. Do others get fear like I do? I often panic as it feels something sinister is with me and that if I don't force myself to wake up I won't wake up.

I have many other questions but those are the basics, and just want to see if these experiences are similar to others out there.

Thanks for your time

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Re: Intro and Am I Lucid Dreaming

Postby LucidAlice » 07 Sep 2016 20:23


well this sounds very creepy and I understand your fear, I always get confused and panic when I notice the first symptoms and break up. But I try to calm myself that its natural and that I will survive for sure ;) You still are afraid altough you experienced it so many times?

About your question;
I'd be curious how your environment looks like. Because you said that you need to wake up many times until your really finally awake! That makes me think about the fact; what if you didn't wake up and stood up and explored your environment? Did you ever see your wife or someone else being up and he didn't even notice you or something different?

In both cases you can control your environment and get through walls etc. but there are a few details missing for making a reliable conclusion.
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