Me and my LD troubles

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Me and my LD troubles

Postby KateVendy108 » 07 Sep 2016 06:20

Hello there!
here's Kate. I've been trying to induce LD for about two years now. I tried reality chcecks, many techniques - WILD, MILD and whatever else I know. I've read a book about LD and I was so interested in it and I still am! And sometimes i had sometihing what seemed like LD. Once I even woke into a dream but I couldn't control it and after few secs I woke up. And once I saw one colorful red picture and realized I was dreaming. But unfortunately just after this I woke up. But I think it's possible for me to have LD if I had this, right?
But this has been really long sime and until now I never had anything simillar again. Today I tried FILD - I!'ve read it was pretty powerfull but I think I wasn't in the right moment because every time I tried it nothing happened. maybe I should've firstly get up and have a walk? Anyone any advice for FILD? Or just for my LD? I'd be greatefull for any respond!

Thanks for your time reading this


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Re: Me and my LD troubles

Postby ElContadino » 22 Sep 2016 17:07

Hi Kate,
as you seem quite serious about lucid dreaming, I would suggest further working with you dream diary. As described in LaBerges' dream manual ("Exploring the world of lucid dreaming"), it often makes sense to further analyze your dream and find out general patterns ans reoccuring phenomenons. I think this could work for you since you appear to be thinking and reflecting about the inducing techniques a lot, which I did as well in the beginning. However, it is sometimes more useful to focus on the dream itself, rather than the process of induction when the latter appears to fail.
So get familiar with the content, and add a daily analysis to your dream journal, it might help to get to know the contents (and yourself) better.

Good luck

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