That's me

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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That's me

Postby zwîvel » 11 Sep 2016 15:37

Hi guys,

as I'm new to this community this is my introduction.

I started to want to remember what I dreamt cause I felt lost and wanted to have something real I can hold on to. Something that gives me some kind of feeling that I konw myself.
This started about 2 years ago. Actually pretty fast a few pieces of my dreams came to me after I woke up. I wrote a dream journal about 2 weeks and later on I just tried to remember as much as I can after waking up. I had about 2-3 times I realized that I dreamt. In one of them I didn't wake up because of pure "wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is a dream!!!!" and I started to fly around. It helped to feel closer to myself.
As time went by I didn't put that much energy into it cause other things came up. Looking back I'd say there was not enough motivation/fire there in order to move on with it.

After a period of powerlessness and desperation, which happens from time to time :), I've decided to get some purpose for my life again. As days passed by I stumbled over a book online, about lucid dreaming. I've read it and this was the starting point for my adventure. I liked it pretty much because it was practical and not overloaded with information.

So with Sept. 06 I bought my dream journal and a pen. When I bought this stuff I could see that it was somehow different than the last time. I decided to buy a journal with rings, because i hate it to write on back pages of a bound journal, and so on...
As I'm a person who wants to be good at something pretty early or better before I start :D, I often stand in the way of myself. I thought ok lets do it different this time. I followed the guidelines in this book and so I started to write down three goals for my first 2 weeks and as well 3 motivations which should keep me on track if things do not go the way I want or expect them to go.
One part of this journey is to share my goals and my progress and therefore I'm gonna do that here.

first 2 week goals:

1. Get at least 6+ hours sleep every day.
2. Remember 1+ dream on average every day
3. Write in my dream journal every day after waking up!

Basic Motivations:

1. Improve my self-confidence.
2. Face my fears, train for waking life.
3. Explore my consciousness.

Progress so far:
I rembember dreams nearly every day. They are mostly just pieces. I try to get that much out of it as possible. The cuts between them are interesting. I also start to do reality checks during waking life and as well try to be more aware of what happens around me. So to speak be more critical.

To bring this to an end I have a drive I haven't felt in a long time and I will push this project further. At least till I'm able to induce lucid dreams when I want to ^^.

I'm happy to exchange some experiences and learn from others on the way!

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Re: That's me

Postby Dane » 15 Sep 2016 10:01

hey Zwivel welcome!

well you do have a good start, and it seems your drive provides you with the right attitude ;)

but since your in your drive, why not pick up meditation along.
its very helpfull for numerous things, but definently aswel for lucid dreaming, as it atleast increases your awareness :mrgreen:

Best of Luck matey!
I returned from the abyss, as a married man. :D

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Re: That's me

Postby zwîvel » 27 Sep 2016 20:57

Thanks for the input. I've been thinking about it.

I'm on it :)

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