Lucid Dream Notes

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Lucid Dream Notes

Postby Goase » 13 Sep 2016 04:58

I have a question but I am going to provide a fair bit of info first. One of the recommended tools for lucid dreaming & remembering dreams better is to keep notes of said dreams. I have no struggle with lucid dreaming, and never have, I thought they were normal when I was young. I have also never kept any real notes (real as in real life). In my lucid dreams, no matter the setting of the dream, I always have a dresser somewhere in the dream. This dresser has a box under it, and in the box is all of the notes of my lucid dreams. In some dreams I am myself, and I read the notes and sometimes even switch settings to one of the old dreams I like. I have even used my notes to escape nightmares before. My question is, is it normal to have notes in my dreams instead of real life? & does anyone else have anything similar to this? Thank you for your time to read this, and any input would be greatly appreciated. :D

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Re: Lucid Dream Notes

Postby HAGART » 16 Sep 2016 02:34

No, I don't.
That's very interesting. I can't count on memories in dreams, and get false memories all the time.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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