Lucid Dream Biggest Fear?

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Lucid Dream Biggest Fear?

Postby TheLAWvirus » 13 Sep 2016 21:43

I have been trying to lucid dream now for just over 6 months and last month I had my first lucid dream, which was amazing!
In the dream I asked what was my biggest fear and someone replied guilt.
Now a few nights ago I had my second lucid dream in this one I was a lot more aware and kind of in control, like my mind in the dream and in reality were a lot more connected. For example I used my senses and was able to completely freely think about anything, in the dream my curtains were drawn so I was able to say in my mind in the dream 'I'm dreaming since these curtains are closed and when they are open it will mean I'm awake'

Anyway later on in the dream I demanded to talk to my subconscious then to wake up after. Surprisingly this actually kind of worked and again I asked 'whats my biggest fear' once again it replied with 'guilt'. I then said 'what do you mean guilt what do I feel guilty about'. My subconscious then shrugged and said 'how am I supposed to know', then I woke up.

Since then I've been thinking about this a lot and was wondering how you would interpret this and what you think it means before I share my opinion.
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Re: Lucid Dream Biggest Fear?

Postby Summerlander » 14 Sep 2016 14:13

I think if your subconscious was a normal person, it would have replied, 'Are you trying to confuse me?'

Your initial question was, 'What's my biggest fear?' Now, being afraid of something doesn't mean that you have it at present. Your subconscious replied 'guilt', not 'You're guilty!' Subsequently, you irrationally barraged it with an irrelevant inquisition, one about the meaning of the word 'guilt' and the other a presupposition your subconscious did not make.

A befuddling double-barrel shotgun that threw a part of your mind that specialises in connecting dots without your awareness. But if there are no dots to connect, the reply you got was, ironically, quite logical.
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