Frog on me

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Frog on me

Postby gwen23 » 15 Sep 2016 15:14

Hello all,

I had a dream last night about being outdoors (in nature) with my neighbor & his wife. Suddenly my neighbor, the man, said that I should sit still. There was a small frog on my left shoulder he said. I did not feel anything though. He reached out to remove it but it was gone.

About a minute afterwards I felt something under my clothes on my back. The frog was there and had obviously gotten bigger. I could literally feel it on my back. I pulled the back of my shirt up so that it could go away. Then I woke up.

Any idea what this means?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Frog on me

Postby hallesen » 11 Nov 2016 14:01

The one thing I've learned when trying to interpret my dreams is they're always more personal than universal. Perhaps you need to analyze during this time what feelings in your waking life were present (stress, guilt, pressure, anger) and why. Then try to think about who the person that tried to remove the frog from your shoulder means to you. Is he a symbol of someone or something helping you or holding you back, using you or tricking you. Someone you don't understand which is leading to frustration within a relationship. I think perhaps the frog represents an event or feeling repressed that you haven't let go an that's why the frog never seems to disappear emotionally/mentally only physically but then comes back bigger. Maybe its bigger to represent that repressing and not accepting or letting go this issue/event/trauma will only cause a bigger consequence or ripple effect. Sometimes you can find sites that find universal meanings too. Universal meanings for a frog in your dream are:

from the site:

To see a frog in your dream represents a potential for change or the unexpected. The frog may be a prince in disguise and thus signify transformation, renewal or rebirth. Alternatively, the frog symbolizes uncleanness or fertility.

If you dream that a frog is catching or eating a bug, then it refers to seizing an opportunity. You need to know when to act and to act quickly.

To see frogs leaping in your dream indicate your lack of commitment. You have a tendency to jump from one thing to another. Alternatively, it may suggest that you are taking major steps toward some goal. It parallels your progress.

To dream that you are catching a frog signifies your carelessness concerning your health.

To hear the sounds of a frog in your dream indicates that you have not accomplished what you wanted.

To eat a frog in your dream represents some unsavory or unpleasant task that you need to perform. If you swallow a whole frog in your dream, then there is something that you need to do or say, that is literally difficult to swallow. Consider the phrase "a frog in your throat" to suggest that you are unable to speak. You feel you have lost your voice.

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Re: Frog on me

Postby Samwise » 12 Nov 2016 19:47

I had a weird and very vivid frog related dream some years back that I can still remember clearly. I had helped a well known ethnobotanical vendor set up a new website on iboga, and he invited me to a kambo/sapo frog medicine ceremony. This was an opportunity I was unable to pass up. Precisely two weeks before the ceremony, I had an extremely vivid dream where I was walking over some boardwalks over some swampland, resembling the Florida Everglades with my mum. We encountered these huge metre tall snails, and also some levitating hanging baskets, and naturally our first instinct was to reach up and grab some vegetation to feed to the snails. As I was doing so, a large green tree frog jumped on my face, kissed me a few times on my cheek with little frog kisses, and then jumped onto my mum’s face, and did the same! Very random and very vivid…certainly not normal frog behaviour, and random even for a dream!

Skip forward a few weeks to the weekend of the ceremony. I travel down to the place. It just so happens the owner of a health food website I’ve known of for ages is our host…I had recently encountered her iboga blog online. She is a very warm, cool person, and immediately on arrival, I feel very welcome at this place, a kind of community. I am sober on the Saturday eve, due to having my kambo ceremony on the Sunday. The shaman leading the kamo ceremonies, a member of the Santo Daime ayahuasca church, prior to the kambo sessions, then proceeded to sing some kambo medicine hymns, which opened with “The Kambo frog will kiss you…” My hair stood on end…this was exactly what had happened in my dream! This felt positive though, like it was right for me to be there, a good omen if you will. Then I experienced the kambo itself, but that is a story for another time...

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