Best device(s) to detect REM sleep ?

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Best device(s) to detect REM sleep ?

Postby Greenhill » 20 Sep 2016 09:58


i'm looking for precise and minimally invasive REM sleep monitors, does anybody know of today's state of the art ?

The goal is to wake one up during REM sleep since you have +80% chance to remember a dream with top vividness at that time according to dream research.

I'm quite surprised this isn't the first tool suggested to novice dreamers since basing dream recall on shaky motivation is unreliable as hell, at least if you unfortunately have a sane/average mind.


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Re: Best device(s) to detect REM sleep ?

Postby jasmine2 » 20 Sep 2016 20:49

I recommend articles -

- "The Nova Dreamer Lucid Dream Mask: A Review" by Rebecca Turner -

- "Best Lucid Dream Induction Devices and Mind-Blowing Machines - Lucid Academy - lucid

- Website - REM-Dreamer -

Years ago, I bought a Nova Dreamer and used it for a while. It was interesting to suddenly see flashing lights when I was just starting to experience a dream. However, it was frustrating to have my sleep interrupted many times per night, and I would take off the mask so I could get more restful sleep.

It was more acceptable to try using the mask during an afternoon nap, or during the last hour or two of sleep on a week end morning when I could sleep late. I should have been more more persistent in trying to enhance lucid dreams with this device. I still have the Nova Dreamer stored in a closet somewhere. If I get the gumption to resume keeping a dream journal, then perhaps I'll dig out my Nova Dreamer and try it some more.

It's too bad that there are financial and other difficulties which have stalled the marketing of an improved Nova Dreamer II.

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Re: Best device(s) to detect REM sleep ?

Postby olaf » 29 Sep 2016 13:05

I found on the Internet " Lucid Dreamer" Device.
It is clinical testet and Studied it is very new and this days for sale on Kickstart.
May Bee this is what you looking for.
Good luck
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Re: Best device(s) to detect REM sleep ?

Postby WilderWanderer » 30 Sep 2016 20:57

I have tried one device in the past and am looking forward to getting a brand new, seemingly better device soon from a current Kickstarter campaign.

I've tried one of the more popular eye-patches in the past (about 8+ years ago) and had very little success because it was bulky, uncomfortable and would go off too quickly while I was trying to fall asleep because my eyes would move before I was asleep/in Rem. I think the device was called the Rem Sleep II or something. I wouldn't recommend it!

I just found and backed an awesome device that is being produced through a Kickstarter campaign and is very affordable! If the claims are correct, it actually reads your brainwave patterns with an EKG to determine when you are ACTUALLY in rem sleep to send you signals.. It seems pretty revolutionary, effective, and comfortable. I can't wait for the campaign to end and get to try it out!

It's called the "iBand" ( ) and you can read more about it and help it get produced by being a revolutionary part in backing this neat device so you can get the first devices with me and maybe we can chat about their success rate here?

Check it out here:

Happy Luciding!

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Re: Best device(s) to detect REM sleep ?

Postby dreamstudent » 01 Oct 2016 03:27

Truthfully the best way to figure out your own REM Sleep and cycle is to set alarms throughout the night as you sleep 1 hour apart, and reset them as you go, a week-month in youll figure out which hours of the night your body is in REM and also which hours of the night your body will be in its longest stretches of REM. That is all I can tell you, I personally didn't like this concept when I first heard it but if I had listened to it years ago, It would of taken me much less time to master lucid dreaming - which I havent mastered them yet but Ive gotten decent; it would of taken me a few months rather than the years that it did take if I would of just buckled down and learned my own REM schedule.

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