Making What Can't Happen In The Real World, A Reality

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Making What Can't Happen In The Real World, A Reality

Postby mattmore100 » 24 Sep 2016 14:30

Hey everyone who's reading this... my names Matthew!

To start off, I'd like to say that I have....different levels of lucid dreaming. When I was younger I would have many nightmares--usually reocurring--and since I was so scared, I would close my eyes "really hard" and wake myself up.... This then gradually allowed me to, instead of waking myself up from the horrors that faced me, change the dream in whatever way necessary to solve the problem. Usually this consisted of me "defeating" the bad guy of my dream. As I got older I had a dream where I was 100% aware and fully in control and made anything I want happen, for example, putting my hands together and teleporting to wherever I was looking. Then there is, what I call, 50% awareness and that is when I am about to die, and I sort of... "take control" over the dream and fight.... whether that be magically or logically (I'm in the kitchen and I grab a knife out of the knife holder). Once the bad guy of the dream is either slowed down or defeated, I usually lose my control over the dream and it carries out as normal.... ex. I then run away from the bad guy. The next dream-state I have is where, before bed, I tell myself im going to dream of, (ex. A party, school, football game) and then I will often have a dream at that specified location, however I usually can not control it any further...unless I am about to die or get harmed I will "take control" for a quick second. The reason I would have these "specific location" dreams is that, once the location is down, I feel it would be easier to have certain people or things appear because in real life it makes sense that he/she/it would be there. I could also dream about certain people sometimes using the same method as I had just stated.
The things I notice in my dreams that are "off", missing or different, are what I call "Lucid Triggers". For example, I always wear my watch and in my dream if I look at my wrist and notice its missing, I very quickly realize that I am dreaming and I usually can start to control it. Another example is that since I have my watch on all the time, I check the time, look away, then check it again. If the time changed at all or reads something impossible for a digital watch, I know that its a dream. Aside from MY personal items, in dreams I generally just carefully look at my immidiate surroundings and there is always something "not right". An example of this would be when I had a dream about my mom and the lenses on her glasses looked abnormally big, also she had that string that goes on each end of the glasses so that they can rest like a neklace if you're not wearing them, yeah she doesn't have that in real life.
Also I tend to have the craziest and most vivid dreams when I wakeup very early in the morning, have an empty stomach, and eat some chocolate! I believe that it is the straight sugar that is coursing through my body that gives me these dreams.
This is just some insight into my dream life and how I make it all happen. Feel free to ask or message me any questions!

All about me and how I dream.

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