Having Trouble Dreaming About Someone

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Having Trouble Dreaming About Someone

Postby mattmore100 » 24 Sep 2016 15:02

The link in my signature will give you a background of how I dream.... it may help you help me with this question

Lately I have been really wanting to dream about someone and I have not been able to do it.. I have started with dreaming about school because thats where I see them. However, I notice that I have never been lucid during those dreams. I think it is because my brain thinks its real, therefore its "strict" as to what I can and cant do. For example, in real life at school I would never run up to person and push them down. So my brain doesn't know its a dream and doesn't "let me act freely" or act way differently then I normally would in real life..... I hope that makes sense to you. Basically its harder to realize im dreaming and or lucid dream. So then I tried having a party as the scene of the dream hoping they would be there, but that was not the case. In the dream, I went from not >lucid>not>l. I became lucid once to get the strength I needed to stop someone from hurting me and the dream ended with me and my friend being upset and, not being lucid, I sighed and said, "I wish ____" was here... and then I wokeup. So sort of getting back to the point, there has been this person on my mind for the past two weeks and I am genuinly suprised as to why, they're not in my subconcious//in my dreams. I have been trying to dream of them every night and it's just not happening! I dream of my friends all the time cause I hang out with them often. Yet they're not on my mind nearly as much as the person I want to show up in my dreams....They are even giving me stress and anxiety and would think my brain would "make them" in a dream so It could resolve the issues I have and I wouldn't be stressed out anymore
Sooooooo I was wondering if anyone could give insight as to what the cause may be... or why this is happening. I can't really ask anyone else this cause most of the people I know hardly ever even remember their dreams, let alone lucid dream!

All about me and how I dream.

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Re: Having Trouble Dreaming About Someone

Postby Haradaska » 27 Sep 2016 03:47

Hi again matthew. I asked a similar question not long ago myself. This is the response i got. hope it helps http://www.innerself.com/content/personal/intuition-awareness/dream-interpretation/5335-dream-incubation.html
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