Solution of Fingers as a Lightsaber

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Solution of Fingers as a Lightsaber

Postby Pilgrim » 26 Sep 2016 07:34

I became lucid in a large office building. I thought it good to fly through the ceiling, but I have had some problems recently getting stuck in walls and ceilings. Struggling to pass through solid surfaces also seems to make my dreams fade now days. :cry:

So, same struggle with the ceiling, but I decided not to fight the sheet rock. I began to use my fingers to make a hole in the ceiling, and it worked wonderfully like a Lightsaber to clear the path! It was even more fun than just flying through!!! :)

This dream was very vivid. I saw lots of people, and one such location for people was as if in a waiting area for a doctor's office. I got a bit mischievous with the people, all of whom seemed rather speechless. I yelled at one: "Hey! You in the blue shirt! Do you realize that this is a dream!" :mrgreen: He ignored me, but I noticed how his shirt changed from blue color to off white.

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