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Postby Chantelle » 05 Oct 2016 13:45

Hi everyone, my name is Chantelle and I'm 22. Im interested in starting to Lucid Dream but im having trouble. I recently started to look into Lucid Dreaming online and found out some helpful tips and tricks to help me on my journey. A post I saw online got me intrigued as I've wanted to do this for a while to see what my dreams mean (I see a lot of things while I'm asleep). The one that stood out, was to write my dreams down as soon as I wake up. So for the past 2 nights ive left an open notebook and a pen by my side for when I wake up to write the dream down. However, I can't seem to remember my dreams from the past 2 nights, is this because im thinking about remembering as soon as I open my eyes or am I trying to hard to remember it therefore it's blanking my memory? Any help and advice is welcome, Thankyou :D

*EDIT* I just remembered my dream from last night, so i ran upstairs as fast as I could to jot it down :D

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Re: Hello!

Postby Pilgrim » 06 Oct 2016 02:04

Welcome! Just surf the threads for whatever seems relevant to you. Or, you can open new threads to begin participation and attain feedback of views. :)

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