Discuss external aids which help you lucid dream including brainwave entrainment, supplements and herbs, lucid dream masks, and more.
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Postby Midfielder15 » 10 Oct 2016 21:26

I'm a decently experienced lucid dreamer. I lucid dream about twice a week on average, some weeks I don't get them at all, other I get them more than twice. I was wondering if there are any supplements/remedies/foods/tricks of that sort that actually have worked for people that increase the chances of having a lucid dream.

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Re: Tips?

Postby Pilgrim » 11 Oct 2016 02:28

Yes. A final meal of the day packed with choline rich foods makes a difference for me. Choline is also available in capsules. A side effect of the better neural activity is that it might keep you awake.

Galantamine is a available through Amazon in my area of the world. It works well but carries more risk than choline for several reasons. It might decrease the quality of your sleep for 48 hours. Tolerance develops if taken too frequently. (It is, or used to be, given to Alzheimer's patients at 12 mg per day. 2 to 8mg is effective for people without tolerance.)

Melatonin, also over the counter, can improve quality of sleep and dreams for some. It is just the natural hormone for enhancing sleep that the body produces. If you take it too frequently, it loses effectiveness.

These might not be available without medical approval in some countries. If available, still read and know risks relevant to your medical history for any supplements.

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