Strangest dream

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Strangest dream

Postby Redrocket » 12 Oct 2016 03:43

Hi everyone....
I just joined because i need to make sense to what just happened.
I'm a middle aged man 45 fit and healthy!
I dont normally remember my dreams, i used to but for a good number of years i've just stopped remembering. However, 30 minutes ago and its now 3:30 in the morning. I had the strangest dream and cant get it out of my head... I need some advice!
My dream:
I havent see my father for 4/5 months in my dream i ring the home to speak with him. The lady at the end of the phone asks me to wait, after awhile she returns and asks me which home it was as she can't release the in formation on the phone. She said if she could come and visit me at my home... We talked and my father and why i hadnt been in touch before. I was saying how busy i was and the family. we continued to talk about my father and my family and she coukd see i was getting upset and i started to cry! It was at this point my father walked through the door like it was a surprise party situation.... I ran over and hugged him... I woke up at this point with tears running down my cheeks... I felt so worried that i hadnt seen him for awhile that i would ring him straight away... I typed his number in my phone and realised i dont have a number for him any more as he died 9 years ago. It this point i couldnt stop crying for 5 minutes because of the shock that i forgot he wasnt here anymore and i thought it was real??? any thoughts?
Thanks for reading

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Re: Strangest dream

Postby Pilgrim » 13 Oct 2016 05:27

Thanks for sharing :) . I probably do not have a good answer. Since no other replies yet, I will just say this. The emotional and related physiological responses from dreams are real. The response in the body can certainly linger after you wake.

You are the best person to interpret the significance. If you tell what significance you think the dream had, the forum can give opinions to corroborate or question.

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