Perceiving two realities at the same time

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Perceiving two realities at the same time

Postby Unintended » 12 Oct 2016 14:30

I recently read that it is possible to perceive two dream scenes at the same time, or be two characters simultaneously, due to the ability to feel beyond our senses. That reminded me of some odd experiences I had in my life, which I could call sleep disorders.
In the first I can remember I was in bed, apparently awake, and I started to see moving imagery (kind of film) in a painting. It was long ago, so I'm not sure if I was really awake.
In the second one, I hadn't even switched off the light, closed my eyes, and laid down, although I was in bed. I started to dream of a creepy, dark place, while I saw the real stuff simultaneously. I moved consciously in the dream, but my physical moves weren't conscious at all.
Finally, I had a relatively recent experience (at most, two years ago), in which I got up and went to the kitchen, at the same time that I dreamt of something an I saw the two scenes. I didn't think properly, or logically, but I could speak with real people. I don't remember how I arrived there, or how I returned to bed, but I was helped by real people.
I think the first one is some kind of hallucination, and the third looks like night terror? Well, has anybody experienced similar stuff, or knows what it could be?

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Re: Perceiving two realities at the same time

Postby HAGART » 13 Oct 2016 21:01

I experienced something similar, seeing a dream and reality at the same time. I barely remember what it was I saw, but I think it was something blue in the dream and then it faded away and I could then see a vibrant blue object in the center of my vision as I also saw by bed sheets at the same time. It just lasted for a moment like a residual image on my retinas.

I can't prove it, but I think I may have dozed off for a bit in the morning and started dreaming with my eyes still open.
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