Deading And Coming Back To Life, Reoccuring Dream, And Change of Dream Scenario.

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Deading And Coming Back To Life, Reoccuring Dream, And Change of Dream Scenario.

Postby Transcending. » 13 Oct 2016 16:02

Guys I had a few vivid dreams and a lucid dream this morning. I only remember two, so bare with me as I try to right down the most details I can remember. So I was in this dream, walking down a hill on a road. The environment is beautiful. A bunch of green trees, and a few large buildings. So I'm walking, and there are a few cars and a truck ahead of me waiting to go through a gate. Again, I don't have no control so my unconscious dream body walked ahead of all the cars and the truck. The truck had all black tinted windows, and I tried to look inside. Then the unexpected happened. A guy kicked down the truck door and pointed his gun at me, and I ran to hide in the tall grass. Then this guy dressed in black threw a gun to me. Then the guys out the truck saw us, and we started to shoot at each other. This shit felt so real, thought I was playing call of duty. :lol: :lol: We were firing towards each other for a while and when I notice that all of them were dead, and I looked to right to the tell the guy thanks, but he had disappeared. So I ran back down the hill extremely fast, dodging past the truck and the gate. Ahead of me I saw my neighborhood's park(didn't trigger my lucidity), and at least I thought all of the guys were dead, because more of them were coming out of the truck. I kept running, and headed towards the park. Then the dream scene changed, and I was on a basketball court on the same park. I was passing the ball to one of the guards. The sky looked brown and orange, and there were a lot of people by the bleachers. Someone passed me the ball, and went to post up and shoot, but the person who was guarding me held tight on my arms, so the shot missed. This kept happening to me, and IN THE DREAM, I asked myself if this was a message to me from my subconsciousness, concerning to stuff happening in my waking life. Split second lucid moment, and I woke up. Now its time for my lucid dream, see you guys on the share your lucid dreams category :ugeek:

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