Don Juan Hands Method

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Don Juan Hands Method

Postby Sunflowerbader » 14 Oct 2016 20:01

So I am reading Robert Waggoner's book (Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self) and I notice that he got into ld by using the method of meditating on his hands each night until they popped up in front of him during a dream and hey presto!

So why does this method seem to have fallen by the wayside in modern tutorials?

Does anyone use this method or a variant?

It sounds nice and simple. I think I am currently trying too hard, but then I need a pretty intense study period on any new dicipline before I can go with the flow.

Also, I did some walking meditation to the shop and back. I was amazed at the things I noticed, or just enjoyed more on a walk I have done a thousand times before. I thought, this is being aware, and it triggered several rc's and gave me a better insight into the correct, observant frame of mind required to tell if you're dreaming or not.

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Re: Don Juan Hands Method

Postby HAGART » 15 Oct 2016 08:20

What you describe in your walk is All Day Awareness, another technique I heard about. I am no master in that, but look that up for more info. Once I started for a brief period, I too started to notice every sense and question it as if I was separate from it. Like a separation of mind and body. It can work.

Right now, I just use the Wake Back to Bed method or WBTB, which is also so commonly spoken about that it has become underrated now.

Hands are interesting, and if you think right now, "Do I notice my hands?" most don't. They are just there, in our field of view, but few ever even notice they are there, yet we use them for almost everything, and just don't realize it.

I don't use techniques apart from WBTB but you have a good point, and I might start thinking more about this when I dream, thanks.
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