A few questions! Please answer!

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A few questions! Please answer!

Postby oops395740 » 14 Oct 2016 21:40

I'm fairly new to lucid dreaming. I have been researching for a few a few month's(I've read every technique and introductions and everything on this website!) .I;ve gone through two phases where I dedicate myself. So far, I've had one lucid dream. I think. That's my question.

In my dream, I did realize I was dreaming. But it wasn't at all how I pictures it, or how the articles described it. It still felt like a dream. It was fuzzy and muddled. I tried pushing my hand into my hand, and it didn't work. I tried yelling, I AM LUCID, and it was the same. I did some stuff, like playing with dream characters, and bouncing around. But I didn't feel that rush of adrenaline or whatever. I didn't feel the sunshine or the wind, or smell anything. It felt like I dreamed I was lucid dreaming. Was I lucid dreaming?

My second question is about WILD. I've been trying it a lot lately, but I don't think it's working. When I lay there, its just like I'm not moving and trying to keep myself awake. I can't get to the hypnagogia stage. I'm just laying there, eyes closed, trying to stay awake. I can move my limbs just fine. I need some advice, about what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks for reading this, and if you have any answers, please write!

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Re: A few questions! Please answer!

Postby Pilgrim » 15 Oct 2016 07:36

Lucid dreams can be muddled and fuzzy. I have this kind sometimes. Sometimes they are exceedingly vivid. I personally do not experience the ability to demand clarity in dreams as some claim to be able to do. I am weak on dream science, but I cannot help but think the quality of the dream has too many factors related to optimal sleep to always render ideal clarity. Fuzzy dreams might occur at a point when R.E.M. is naturally ending, for example.

The important factor is to have more lucid dreams. Do not worry about the fuzzy ones. Clear ones will happen. It will have to be trial and error as to what spawns awareness for you.

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Re: A few questions! Please answer!

Postby Keeboard » 15 Oct 2016 21:03

Try shouting clarity now, rubbing your hands together, touching things around you, etc.
As for WILD, not everyone gets hypnogogia. You need to wake up in the night for it (usually, depends on the person). It usually works best to lie on your back. I think you're supposed to clear your mind, and if you enter sleep paralysis (may not happen for you) you're very close to an LD. Maybe WILD just isn't for you (not necessarily the case, keep trying). Hope this helped!
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Re: A few questions! Please answer!

Postby HAGART » 18 Oct 2016 02:51

Not all lucid dreams are vivid. That's certainly a myth. Hey, not even all regular dreams are either. The only thing that makes a dream lucid is if you know you are dreaming, not how vivid it is. There are also some varying degrees of lucidity too, like knowing it's a dream, but still going along with it, not knowing who you are when awake, so not fully lucid, but still in some control.

There are so many types and experiences, so don't be disappointed that it wasn't as mind-blowing as some stories you hear. I get a ton of semi-lucid dreams that aren't vivid, but don't write about them online. I bet others are like that too, so I can understand why people get the impression that all lucid dreams are very vivid, and mind-blowing, when in fact they aren't. Not for me anyway.

Keep at it. You're on the right path.
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