Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Postby The Traveler » 15 Oct 2016 18:50

I came here searching for others who have experiences with lucid dreaming. Frankly, I'm exhausted.
I am aware I have a sleep disorder and am being treated for it. Sometimes my dreams are horrific, I have PTSD.
Just as frequently I have dreams that are not horrid but so real, I wake up confused as to where I am at. Sometimes I am distraught to have been taken away from someone in my dreams and I sob in despair.
I am in different periods in history. I never look like me, but know it is me. The majority of those I am in a castle with stone walls. Tapestries are on the walls and elegant furnishings. One room is not stone. It is bronze, not gold, but bronze. Everything is bronze except for furniture. There is a bronze metal hanging on the wall. It isn't smooth. There is lines all across it, but it is raised between the lines. The people in the room are trying to get me out of the castle. Angry people are coming, they want to kill me.
Someone says, hurry! They are getting closer. Sometimes I just wake up. Others there is a voice in my head that says WAKE Up, you must wake up NOW! I awaken frightened not knowing where I am at.
I remember people's names, and relationships to me.
They are many others.
In another I knew where some old hidden gems, coins etc where hid. Two men who look like soldiers and and woman dressed as a servant are helping me get the jewels.
In another, it is a more recent time but not now. There is a doctor, but he does veterinary medicine too. I am in love with his brother, named Sam, but is nicknamed Sonny for some reason.
Many many times, I am so confused I call out to my husband and say Are you there? To make sure my life is real and he is real. No I am not delusional. Once awake I know it is a dream, but can recall every detail.
Several times, my foot is injured in my dream. I have gotten out of bed limping, before realizing I was dreaming and my foot doesn't hurt. He was waking me up one day for a dentist appointment. I kept saying I can't go. My foot hurts! He finally gets me awake enough to realize I am not in pain. I have the injured foot dream tons of times.
My dreams are so real and so disconcerting I am exhausted the next day.
Anyway, I am hoping to chat with others who get stuck in dreams. Or any tips to deal with highly lucid dreams.

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Re: Exhausted

Postby jasmine2 » 16 Oct 2016 02:48

The Traveler,
I am sorry that you are having problems with PTSD and troubling dreams.

However, it's interesting that, in one dream, you describe friendly characters who help you find old hidden jewels and coins. Perhaps these are symbols for valuable aspects of your inner wisdom and strength.

Here are some resources for working with PTSD, nightmares, and other sleep problems. Also - information about archetypal dream imagery, the unconscious mind, and the Higher Self.

(1) Belleruth Naparstek is well-known for her therapy with people dealing with PTSD. She has assisted the VA in developing PTSD treatment for veterans, especially using guided imagery.

Her website - Health Journeys - healthjourneys.com
- Home page - click tab - "Guided Imagery 101"

- Products - CD's and MP3's -
Examples -
"Stress Relief"
"Healing Trauma"
"Panic Attacks"
"Restful Sleep" -- Click - "audio samples"

- Blog - category PTSD - Smart search -
- "Getting Rid of Those Pesky Repeating Nightmares" (Includes link to Huffington Post article)

- "Where To Begin With Guided Imagery For Complex Post Traumatic Stress"

(2) YouTube - Belleruth Naparstek on PTSD - Health Journeys - Episode 1 (of 7)

(3) Book - "Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal" - by Belleruth Naparstek
I have read this book and highly recommend it.

(4) Article - "An Interview With Barry Krakow, M.D., On PTSD and Sleep" by David Van Nuys - AMHC - amhc.org

(5) Article - "14 Tips For Getting Rid of Nightmares" by Ryan Hurd - dreamstudies.org

(6) "What Is EMDR?" - Trauma Recovery - emdrhap.org - (Includes video)

(7) YouTube - "Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Demonstration - Mercola
Similarities to acupuncture energy theory points

(8) -Article - "A Conversation With Dr. John Weir Perry" - global-vision.org
Visionary experiences of chaos, the Inner Apocalypse, transformation, and healing

(9) dreamhawk.com - "Archetypes - Links To/ Dream Encyclopedia - Tony Crisp

(10) Paper - "The Two-Part Film Technique: Empowering Dissociative Clients To ..." - academia,edu by Sarah Krakauer -
Imaginative techniques for interacting with one's Higher Self
(Need facebook or Google personal account)

(11) Book - "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" by Carl Jung -
Famous psychiatrist writes about his exploration of the unconscious psyche and the healing power of dreams and active imagination.

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Re: Exhausted

Postby The Traveler » 16 Oct 2016 08:50

Thank you very much for the information regarding PTSD.
I didn't explain something well. To me, those are my good dreams. In one dream, a man and I are running from attack dogs. That one is one of my "good" dreams. Pretty bad when good in good dreams somebody is still after me.
My night mares are horrific. I can feel everything that happens, not just see it. I wake up frozen in fear. They are very, very bad. There is nothing redeemable about those.
I am terrified of the dark, so sleep with a lamp on.
I went a year and a half only sleeping a few hours in the day. Night sleeping is something that scares me so bad, I go days without sleeping. I never know what is going to happen in my dreams.
I just thought it is really weird, one of my good dreams I keep having a hurt leg or foot. I have never had a broken bone or anything. My good dreams are far and between.
But all of my dreams are extremely vivid.
My therapist made a joke before she said if she believed in dream analysis somebody would have a field day with mine. She considers my good dreams night mares, but at least in those I am not so scared. So good for me.
It is 2:45 am and I am awake again from dreaming so vividly.
Doc tried a medication that is suppose to suppress dreams. It didn't work.

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