Going back to my old school, and dream scene change

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Going back to my old school, and dream scene change

Postby Transcending. » 15 Oct 2016 23:48

Hey There Guys, just woke up from a 3 hour nap. I wouldn't of went sleep, but the power went off. I had a dream of going back to my old school, something I usually dream about. In the beginning of the dream, I'm kneeling over someone asking them a question. I don't remember what the question was, but the person was no help. Then I went to walk out the class, and the teacher called me back. She asked me something and when I answered we all laughed. I don't remember what I said and what was the joke, but she got up and grabbed a bible, which looked similar to the one I used in my religious studies class in real life. Then in the back of my mind, I was like I owned that, but I was unconscious and did nothing and continued walking out the class. Actually, I do remember the question and the person who I was asking. I was asking him about which grade he was in, and he told me in grade 10. Then I told him the work was hard, and he nodded. Now, back to the part I was leaving the room. When I stepped out the classroom, I went on a phone and send pictures to one of my other friends. Then I walked to the playground to get my backpack, and suddenly a bunch of students were there. Then I saw two of my past classmates who I don't speak to anymore because of some conflict between us three. As I'm getting my bag the both of them bumped up into me and I raised up my hand for them to stop, and they started laughing. Then they tried to run a conversation with me, and the dream scene changed. This is where the interesting part comes in :) I'm laying down in my bed, with a laptop. The fan is on, the lights is on, and tv is on. :lol: And I'm there on the laptop looking at porn. :lol: :lol: Then I clicked on a video thumbnail, and I remember this clearly. On the thumbnail, the words favourite, share, and report were lined up on the screen horizontally. Then it clicked to me, something is wrong, The power isn't suppose to be on, and before I could comprehend to say I'm lucid dreaming, I'm literally forced out the dream. Literally pushed out the dream at that second, as if someone or something meant to do it, and when I woke up, the power is on :shock: When I was pushed out the dream, worst moment of my life :x
It sucks to be jinxed from having a lucid dream. :(

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