Cool t.v. Show dream.

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Cool t.v. Show dream.

Postby dizzyuluru » 16 Oct 2016 12:53

Now, this is a dream I just had and jotted down in my dream journal and it is pretty odd and cool. It was like watching a t.v. Show in an ultra-realistic setting. This is copied straight from my dream journal, and you can see for yourself. (Sorry that it was pretty long, but I just remembered so much of it, more than I have before.

October 16th, 2016
I was Dexter (from the show "Dexter") and I was in this black old car with body pieces in the trunk. I was 3rd person on some sort of highway going beside a lake and Rita (Dexter's wife in the season I'm at) called me and said "I'm sorry to get on your back, honey, please come home." I vaguely remember that I had a concussion and they were supposed to drive me. I thought to myself, and heard it in the way that the tv show does it, I thought "Rita will forgive me, I am her husband after all. Besides, I've got bigger fish to fry than a worried wife." I kept driving until I came to a bend, and eventually drove to this little house that was beside the ocean. I turned right, onto the grass towards the ocean and stopped beside a bench. I was now in 1sp person and I could control the weather, so I walked over to the side of the ocean and I made the weather a "3" on how bad it was. This still didn't stop anyone as it was only rain. I then bumped it up to a "6" and it was hailing, which was good enough for me. I unloaded the body parts out of my trunk and out 2 on opposite sides of the bench, and a few in the ground. There was 6 body parts, only 2 were in bags. I took two, and threw them into the ocean. I then went back and took 2 more and threw those into the ocean. With the last 2 one was still bleeding (it shouldn't have been bleeding because it's a severed limb) and one had "healed" so I found this odd, and almost sparked lucidity but didn't. I threw the remaining 2 into the ocean and figured "why change the weather to an "8". The 8 was acid rain and I cut back to Rita and she was burning and crying so i stopped it and it slowly faded back to nothing. Just then Harry (Dexter's foster father) popped up as a hallucination and said "Dexter, what if somebody finds those pieces, you dumped them so close to land that anybody could find them." and I just kept walking. I forgot about the car and went into the little house place and there were scientists in it. They had some tools that were hundreds of years old and I had a few tools that were 176 years old (I remember the exact number for some reason). I went to give it to them but then they turned on me and started poking me in the eye with porcupine needles. That was the end. This was definitely the most vivid dream I've had so far, and it was the coolest by far. It played out in a way that was like me watching a Dexter episode.

There it was, I've been finding a lot of characters from the t.v. Show "Dexter" have been popping up lately. I wonder wtat this means.
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