My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 37

Experience of Lila to Nitya---Nitya to Lila (From sportive forms to
Absolute and vice versa)

169. 2nd October, 1976.

Early morning dream: The scene started with my school compound which had become much larger than it was in reality as if a huge palace and having multi-stories. I was practicing up and down on the staircases. Once I saw myself going upwards, not through the staircases, but with the help of the retaining wall of the staircases just like a monkey and ultimately I reached the room at the top floor. There I saw a photo hung against the wall. I went nearby and noticed that the photo was of an old man sitting and with a child on his lap. I went on watching the photo and it came in my mind that this was the photo of Jibankrishna and at the same time the child was also Jibankrishna. But again I went on thinking that I had never seen such a photo of Jibankrishna of his childhood, although there was a young age photo . Just at this moment the dream left and I woke up and simultaneously it flashed in my mind that both the figures of the photo were of Jibankrishna.

The dream reveals thus: To go up to the rooftop means from Lila to Nitya—Ascent; Child Jibankrishna on the lap of old Jibankrishna means from Nitya to Lila as he explained of child Lord Krishna on the lap of Mother Joshoda in his Bengali book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’.

Retaining of Mahabayu in the cerebrum or seventh plain

170. 4th October, 1976.

Early morning dream: I reached the roof top of a house and saw a huge Monkey seated there. Then I got down keeping the monkey on the roof top after closing the door from inside and the dream went off.
The dream indicates that some high-pitched mind may come in near future.

Attaining the power of editing ‘Manikya’ magazine .

171. 5th October, 1976.

Early morning dream: In a room Mr. Binay Mukherjee, a devotee was arranging the matters for me to publish in the magazine ‘Manikya’. But after a while I noticed that Mr. Mukherjee was transformed into Jibankrishna and he was arranging innumerable matters for ‘Manikya’. Among them besides the diary of Mr. Mukherjee ‘Binay Satak’ there were other matters which he kept separately and the rest suitable matters for publication he handed over to me. The dream went off.

This is the third dream in which I saw Jibankrishna relating to the magazine ‘Manikya’. This means that in future under suitable conditions Jibankrishna’s power will be acting through the seer for publication of ‘Manikya’;

Another significant matter happened in this aspect; After a long gap the diary of Mr. Mukherjee had begun to be published in the magazine. Not only so, many new matters also were added for the magazine.

Afterwards this was corroborated by the sayings of Jibankrishna, recorded in a diary, where he described the trance as a yogic condition.

Accompaniment with devotees
Accompaniment with the devotees and gaining the sense of oneness

172. After the previous dream (5th October, 1976) for 4-5 days every day I had dreams in which I had the accompaniment with a number of devotees of Jibankrishna.

This signifies thus: On one side the seer has been gaining the attractions for the devotees with growing sense of oneness and on the other hand he is gaining increasing brainpower by seeing so many persons inside his cerebrum as explained by Jibankrishna.

Second time confirmation of seeing God

173. 10th October. 1976.

Early morning dream: I was narrating to Arun Ghosh, a devotee of Diamond about my visualizing God and at the same time its process also. After waking up I could not remember how I saw God.

On 15th September, 1976, I had the 1st confirmation of seeing God in a dream and this has become the second time. The process was not remembered, that means it is not required by the seer.

Revelation of Oneness

174. 12th October, 1976 .

Early morning dream: I saw Abala Kanta Dutta, sitting in front of me . He went on saying ‘ I am being transformed into Jibankrishna—I am being transformed into Jibankrishna’; Saying this he actually was transformed into Jibankrishna and the dream went off.

Once Jibankrishna said, ‘one day will come when you will see any human being who has seen me in realization, instead of him you will see me and the reciprocal will happen and this will bring oneness in the world’. His saying reveals thus in the dream and it means Jibankrishna’s forecast may come true in the seer in future.

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