"Fell Asleep" in a dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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"Fell Asleep" in a dream

Postby SleepyKitty » 22 Oct 2016 02:38

This morning I had a really trippy and weird lucid (?) dream. I'm still a beginner at LD so I'm pretty confused about what happened. :|

I had a false awakening, and I felt extremely sleepy. I did a reality check but it didn't work, so I assumed I was really awake and closed my eyes while telling myself to become lucid when I fall asleep. (This all happened in a dream)

Now the last time I tried to go back to sleep from a false awakening, someone knocked at my door, and I realized I was dreaming, but this time, I had the same exact sensation of falling asleep (tingly, sinking into the bed, weird feeling all over my body), except I was in a dream.

After I "fell asleep," I saw a blue columns shower down (like those trippy advertisements with the logo in the front, or something) and a message pops up as if I'm looking at a screen, but I can only see the screen - there's like super bright and orange patterns outside the "screen". I can't see anything else, and I'm like "part of" what's happening in the screen but not at the same time.

Again, really trippy 3D words (like Microsoft WordArt) pops up and a robotic male voice tells me that I'm dreaming and to remember my dreams.

By this time, I can feel my eyes are closed while I'm watching/experiencing this, and I'm just really confused what is happening, so I try to look at my hands, but everything goes really crazy (bright orange patterns) and I can't even remember if I woke up cause I opened my real eyes or if I just woke up.

So uh - I just thought I'd share that cause it was really weird and vivid.
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Re: "Fell Asleep" in a dream

Postby Pilgrim » 22 Oct 2016 10:36

Interesting one!

It helped me with my lucid dreaming once I began to realize that I was often dreaming of trying to go to sleep (ie, dreaming of insomnia). It is interesting the course that can occur where one can either "fall asleep" to a place of new imagery, or just get up from the bed and embrace the dream beginning in the bedroom. I more often now just get up from the dream bed.

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Re: "Fell Asleep" in a dream

Postby Unintended » 03 Dec 2016 09:50

I think it is just a way for the dream to get you lucid. I'm a beginner too, but once I had a similar experience. I used the MILD technique at the morning, and I started dreaming that I was there, lying on my bed, trying to get asleep, when I performed a reality check, and it worked. It was the highest-quality lucidity I've ever felt. When I looked at my watch, I could only see exaggeratedly strange symbols. Then, afterwards, I did the same, and the numbers were normal, so I concluded I had woken up. They were inconsistent, of course, but I just didn't realize it.
The point of this story is that the dream was probably set up just to give me the lucidity I had asked for, and then take it from me. I like to think that dreams are there for my good, and they will do whatever is best for me :lol:

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