Not Moving for 15 Minutes

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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Not Moving for 15 Minutes

Postby DreamBigger » 28 Oct 2016 05:11

I have read on the internet if you do not move for over 15 minutes your body thinks it is asleep so you will induce sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming comes very easy at this point. The first time I tried this I was sure 2 hours pasted but only 7 minutes had pasted. So I sorta gave up as I would often fall asleep before the 15 minutes. Now I have found a new better way. If I sleep on my side I will fall asleep before I go into paralysis. But if I lie on my back I have achieved near paralysis or some other type of dream state. I will try to explain to the best of my ability what I experienced. I have tried the dream journal method and have had it going for over 6 years. I do not remember any dream unless I wake up and fall asleep again. Which is a method to induce lucid dreaming. But what I tried was much faster and I never had to realize I was dreaming at all. I was motionless for around 10 minutes and only thought of a constant, a top spinning on a table. This is much harder then it sounds as your mind goes crazy when you are trying to focus on an imagine you can't see with loads of threads and ideas attached to the idea waiting to be traveled into. I also have 8 clocks synchronized so every tick is one off from the other making a tick that falls at the same time on all. Allowing me an audio constant and a visual constant. As my hands became numb I felt a pressure release on my chest and the top disappeared. Everything became black and slowly washed in. I was standing in a hallway and I knew I was dreaming and could still here my clocks. I looked around and began getting excited that I finally was lucid dreaming which set my heart racing and I woke up. I then tried again but fell asleep. I don't know if this is a method but it worked and was very easy to do, besides not moving for 15 minutes which includes all swallowing.
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Re: Not Moving for 15 Minutes

Postby Flatulent_Mind » 28 Oct 2016 11:07

I've tried something similar called hypnotic fractionation. Its basically going in and out of a subconscious state, each time going a little deeper. If done right you can fall asleep while fully conscious. I found a video a few years ago that introduced me to the method.

The guy who did that video has other videos I recommend watching as well. Its a bit like an infommercial but the stuff he talks about WORKS.

When I tried his timer method of fractionation it took about 20 minutes. In order to do it you will need to be able to put yourself in a relaxed state fairly easily. This is can be quite hard to do and will take a bit of patience but if you pull it off its very powerful.

I used my own timer app instead of his free timer app because Im paranoid about giving out my email. As he explains in the video the timer will go off at certain intervals which will snap you awake. You go back into the trance after each alarm the best you can. The first time I tried it, I did it for about 20 minutes and it didnt seem to be working. But as soon as I was about to give up my brother came into the room and told me there was a lunar eclipse. I was already in a dream and didnt realize it. I went outside and looked at the moon. I saw a big redish moon and there was a second bright white moon with swirling patterns in it. I then realized it was odd there was two moons and became lucid.

This was unlike any other lucid dream experience I've had. As I stared into this bright moon and became lucid the moon became brighter and brighter until in engulfed my vision. The feeling I had was the most intense "spiritual awakening" type of experience Ive ever had. It was as if I had shed all of my identity away completely and became one with the universe. After that I awoke feeling absolutely amazing and it lasted a few days. I later read that monks that practice lucid dreaming all describe seeing a bright white circle of light that explodes with light as the rational mind awakens in the dream.

The second time I tried this method I was able to fall deep into the trance without any false awakenings like the first time. This time again I was ready to give up after about 20 minutes but as I sat up in my bed I felt my body still laying down. I could feel a second body at the same time sitting up. I then felt as though I was exiting my body and then flying very rapidly and uncontrollably around my room. I then went up to my wall and tried to stick my head through the wall. As my eyes went through I became too excited and woke up.

This was a few years ago and I havnt tried repeating it since. The experience allowed me to train myself much more effectively in becoming lucid though. I highly recommend it.

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Re: Not Moving for 15 Minutes

Postby taniaaust1 » 14 Nov 2016 09:18

I have read on the internet if you do not move for over 15 minutes your body thinks it is asleep so you will induce sleep paralysis

Dont aim for sleep paralyses as you can end up stuck. Instead aim for a WILD or just to go into a LD.

It sounds like you have a wonderful ability to visualise so it make sense to use this skill to go into an LD. Rebecca (site owner) somewhere on this site has an article on that method. With your ability to visualise you may find you can have some wonderful very real like feeling experiences with it without even falling asleep.

I dont know why people set times onto things like 15mins. I once layed still all night without having an experience.. about 8hrs. Its different for everyone but expectation that one will have an experience helps. (I wont lay still for more then an 45mins to an hour now to have an experience as to intend to lay longer is like programming oneself it will take a long time)
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Re: Not Moving for 15 Minutes

Postby Flatulent_Mind » 17 Jan 2017 18:41

taniaaust, did you actually lay completely still for 8 hours? Laying still means, laying absolutely still, not swallowing saliva and even keeping your breathing very shallow. I think everyone has laid in bed a whole night without falling asleep before. Like I said its not an easy thing to do but theres solid science to how the brain body connection works, backing this stuff. Its not "different for everyone".

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Re: Not Moving for 15 Minutes

Postby teuton » 09 Apr 2017 01:59

I think he refers to staying still for 8 hours, not just staying in bed without sleeping.

My record is for 2 hours or so, but with some swallowing as far as I remember. For me everything happens in the first 10-15 min, I became a bit numb and some sensations, after that I became very awake and just staying there still and thinking/imagining things, sometimes I fall to sleep, sometimes I do not...

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Re: Not Moving for 15 Minutes

Postby 24/7/365 » 09 Apr 2017 20:12

I have read and tried a method that worked for me. Eating cheese is the method, I do find that to much of one thing is not good.

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