FILD help [New]

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FILD help [New]

Postby LearningToDream » 29 Oct 2016 19:53

I am currently using the FILD technique.

I am looking for help regarding this technique.

1. Should I use the technique after 3-4 hours (I've seen people say this) or should I do it after around 6 hours as that's when REM sleep is longest?

2. When I wake up to turn my alarm off should I try the technique straight away or wait in till I'm close to sleeping?

3. Is this a successful technique for you/others

I haven't had my first lucid dream yet so I was hoping you guys could help me.
Also if there are other methods which are successful for you guys I would be grateful if you could tell me. (I struggle with Wilds so I don't do them)

Thanks (Sorry for my English)

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Re: FILD help [New]

Postby Dane » 30 Oct 2016 09:41

howdy matey!

1/ i would say 6 hours, but don't be afraid to experiment with the numbers.

2/ i would say wait untill you are getting drowsy.

3/ i have no idea because i have never tried Fild, but the answers i just gave you, came from common sense. ;)

4/ depending on how susceptible you are to suggestion, give Auto-Suggestion a shot.
convince yourself through-out the day that you will LD tonight and feel good about it.
if it doesn't happen tonight, strenghen the AS by repeating it the next day, and so on.
eventually the spark will ignite. ;)

Best of Luck!
I returned from the abyss, as a married man. :D

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Re: FILD help [New]

Postby LearningToDream » 30 Oct 2016 13:33

Thanks for the reply and the information :)

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