Lucid Nightmare

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Lucid Nightmare

Postby Arisa » 30 Oct 2016 03:12

Hey - hey! What's up guys? First of all english is not my first language, so i apologize for any misspelling.

Hmm lets see.....there so much question and im really grateful if someone can explain it to me because its really bother me.

Before i aks my question in this forum there a lot of people trying to have or at least experience lucid dream well is not for me. Im sorry if i offended you in someway, because for me, i rather dreamless or at least have a normal dream, even in my normal dream lead me to some unanswered question, Sigh.

As you can see im not trying to have lucid dream because everytime i had one it never a good thing, well only once i had a very good lucid dream about me riding on motorcycle with my faceless friend (i have no idea who they are but i know i can trust them) on 'jumping canyon'. Yeah i know it sound ridiculous, and that exactly i had in my mind when dreaming this, "there's no way a motorcycle can jump really high in canyon like a trampoline, i must be dreaming" said my old self in a dream(12 years old), nevertheless i continue dreaming and aware that experience is dream and nothing bad can happen to me, i enjoy it every second....

Not all my lucid dream that nice, after a year i had another lucid dream that lead me to a big house, that house is old and green and just imagine any haunted house you ever see, me and my family life there and do normal thing but my parent and my sibling face is blurring but i know they are my family, and you can think any typical haunted house, there's a ghost, weird thing happen and the most disturbing that happen is someone trying to kidnapped me and they face is so scary that i wake up immediately. Yep is normal nightmare alright (16 years old).

Lucid part is when i dream this haunted house again, literally the same thing! Same scenario, same people, ect. And weird thing happen when i doing another kidnapped scenario im thinking, "Wait, i know this house. I already been here and i know what gonna happen, it's all a dream" my old self in dream ( 19 years old), and guess what happen? The kidnappers look at me and leave, just like that! Here what happen, because i know is all dream, so i release my self then i stare(glare) at my kidnappers expectedly waiting and they(the kidnapers) just stand still and in my mind thinking , " what happen if they successfully kidnap me? Will i die?why i have this dream? I know this place... Why they trying to kidnap me? " and they just left, i know i have this dump look on my face and wake up saying "What?". Really it is weird i never thought they will leave because i know what gonna happen next, its not fair because im really curious about this dream. Never have it again, i dont know about the future thought.

Is not the first time i have the exact same dream but different dream, confused? Let me explain when other people have the same dream continuously, i have the same dream twice with different dream, still confused? Let me give you example when i was 8 (why i remember? Is the most eventfull dream i have) i dreaming running from a ghost and when im in middle school(like 14 years old) i dream the exact same thing, im running from a ghost, but let me tell you im aware that this scenario happen once. After that the haunted house like you guys know it happen twice.

And the last that happen, i dont remember when the first dream happen but i know like the other dream 'i know this place, i already experience this, i know what gonna happen' so my brain concluded is another dream, unlike the other dream i had there's no memory i already experience this dream but i know the bad guys, he a killer, and a rapist and will kill anyone who get in his way.I know that and im trying really hard to hide myself from him because i know something bad happen if he see me, after i think im safe there my roomate who lead him to me, and i thinking 'im fuc*ed up' over and over sweating bullet trying to impress him and my mind thinking how to make my dead less painfull or quick because i know he gonna rape me and do horrible thing to me. Why i know i have the same dream because the different scenario, this time instead i leave my fate to this horrible man someone actually save me they trying so hard to protect me even it lead the same thing, no im not dead just a broken bone and few scar but im really glad they there in my dream because i dont want to experience this alone, because i feel it happen before but they not there (in that horrible dream).Im i wake up (just happen this morning).
It is for me last dream i experience is the most scariest i ever experience, in the last dream how i know i have lucid dream because , there's no way these people protect me, no way.They even dont know my existence thats way i thinking "im dreaming" my present self in dream (21 years old )and hug one of my savior and say thank you until i wake up.

Yup quite a story and believe me, is real, it really happen. I usully not thinking much about my dream because dream is a dream and i want to have my good sleep.After the last dream im so afraid but thankfull at the same time so i aks you guys,

1. if this normally happen?
2. What all my dream means?
3. Why all of them must happen twice?
4. Why i have lucid dream when i never aks for it?

Thank you all for reading this i know is long and weird and stupid, still thank you.
If you guys know the answer please tell me! I really want to know if this normal or am i really weird person, Have a Nice Day!!

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Re: Lucid Nightmare

Postby jasmine2 » 30 Oct 2016 21:25

I recommend the following resource -

- Website - - Jeremy Taylor/ Dream Work: Articles about Dreams
Click - "Dream Theory"
Then click - "Recurring Dreams"

A central concept in Jeremy Taylor's writings about working with dreams is that, "All dreams come in the service of health and wholeness."

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Re: Lucid Nightmare

Postby Arisa » 30 Oct 2016 23:58

Thank you!

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