Pov 3rd person and Blurry?

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Pov 3rd person and Blurry?

Postby Arisa » 01 Nov 2016 13:40

Hey - hey! I just wondering are you guys often had dream from 3rd person? well i aks that because most of my dream either Reccuring dream or 3rd person , so yeah and i'm curious it is normal to have 3rd person dream but you dont know who you watching?

So i often dreaming wacth two people talking each other nothing happen it's really peaceful they just talk but sometimes (one of them) glance at me like they know im 'there' but do nothing, i dont know what they talking about i just there wacthing them, sometimes i walking behind these two and when they laugh i laugh with them. I dont know who they are, they whole body is blurry i dont even know their gender What i know is they really nice and peaceful. When im dreaming of 3rd person, they always there, sometimes they laughing in a group of people or just 2 of them.But..but...but once, just once that one of them, he/she talk directly to me looking kind of annoyed and i just look at he/she smiling...it is really a nice dream.

If you guys familiar with MBTI personality, Iam INFJ and i dont like people.......i avoid talking to people, i dont like dealing with people, and i avoid any kind of life drama <i dont need that> im happy with my own self, so i dont understand why i often dream about these two? we spend so much time together <in my dream>. It is because my personality that i often have dream about these blurry face?

Even if i have 3rd person dream, my dream not exiting as Dexter or dreaming about dragon.Sigh~

Have a good dream guys!Thank you~

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Re: Pov 3rd person and Blurry?

Postby alij8000 » 25 Nov 2016 12:20

sometimes what you feel deep down isn't the same as you feel actually,and sometimes the opposite is true,but in my experiance your dreams reflect your deepest desires or fears , so if you fear that you'll be dragged into some kind of drama involving those two or if you desire a lot to be in fact dragged into a drama involving those two subconciously that explains why you would dream that scenario,
on a side note,yes i do have 3rd person dreams,and yes they do get blurry sometimes , even when their lucid dreams,but only sometimes.

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Re: Pov 3rd person and Blurry?

Postby MysticalMeadows » 18 Dec 2016 01:16

I often have dreams from 3rd-person. It's not unusual. I sometimes switch between 1st and 3rd-person in my dreams.

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Re: Pov 3rd person and Blurry?

Postby Lucid_Emo » 27 Dec 2016 17:41

I have 3rd person dreams all the time. My 3rd person dreams are often very vivid and mystical.
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